Thursday, March 5, 2015

Inspired By: Cinderella

Who's excited for Cinderella?! Disney is releasing a live-action version of the 1950 animated classic that everyone knows and loves, so it's a true remake (with a few twists) and not a darker version, like they did for Snow White and the Huntsman and Maleficent. I've been looking forward to this movie for months, ever since they released the first image above. 

It's coming out in theaters on March 13.

Cinderella -- Ella

Ella (Lily James) is a young woman who lives with her stepmother, Lady Tremaine, after her father dies. Instead of feeling like a part of the family, Ella feels like a servant and is mistreated by her stepmother and her stepsisters. While out riding one day, she meets a young woman named Kit, who tells her he works at the palace. 

Wear a cute and casual look based on when Ella is cleaning: a light blue chiffon dress, a brown belt, a purple beaded bracelet, and T-strap bow flats. Or throw on something for a party, like an off-the-shoulder blue dress, a floral headband, and silver heels. 

Fairy Godmother
Cinderella -- Fairy Godmother
The fairy godmother (Helena Bonham Carter) is initially disguised as a beggar in order to keep an eye on Ella and to protect her, and only later reveals what she truly is. Ella's fairy godmother creates the perfect ballgown for her on the night of the ball. 

Dress like the fairy godmother by wearing a lavender dress, an open gray cardigan, a sparkly necklace, and T-strap white flats. Or go all-white in a white and black peplum sweater, white jeans, and polka dot sneakers. 

Lady Tremaine
Cinderella -- Lady Tremaine
Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchette) is Ella's stepmother, a harsh and mean-hearted woman who mistreats Ella and only wishes to see her own daughters succeed and marry well. She's clearly up to no good in the trailer for the movie. 

Lady Tremaine's formal style is well-suited for the office: wear a green lace top, a gold collar necklace, a black skirt, and black peep-toe wedges. Or throw on a faux-leather colorblock green dress, dangle earrings, and cut-out black heels. 

Anastasia & Drizella
Cinderella -- Anastasia & Drizella
Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drizella (Sophie McShera) are Ella's haughty and ridiculous stepsisters, who also treat Ella horribly. They dress in bright and gaudy clothes to cover up the fact that they are ugly on the inside. 

Dress like Anastasia by wearing a black and white-striped cardigan, a pink striped dress, gold stud earrings, and black floral flats. Or to dress like Drizella put on a teal cardigan, a yellow polka dot dress, bow stud earrings, and T-strap nude flats. 

Will you be seeing Cinderella?
Whose outfit is your favorite?

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Influenster #NYCBigBold Vox Box

I'm excited about this Influenster Vox Box since I love New York Color products (who doesn't love great make up at inexpensive prices?). I've been using their products for years, especially when I was in high school and could only afford the least expensive options at the drugstore, like their $1 nail polishes and $2 lipsticks. Now I can splurge a little more, but I still go back for their eye shadow palettes and lipsticks now and then.

I received two N.Y.C. beauty products: New York Color Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara ($4.99) and New York Color Big, Bold & Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner ($3.99).

New York Color Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara

While I'm not a huge fan of the subtle hourglass shape, the results of this mascara are really good. With one coat, it lengthens and creates long, wispy lashes (which I love), and with two coats it's bolder and adds some thickness. It has a tendency to clump a bit, but not much. The bottle itself is nice because it's purple and it snaps closed twice, so you know it won't dry out. 

New York Color Big, Bold & Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner

The best thing about this felt tip eyeliner is the shape of the tip; you can make a thin line or turn it to make a thick line. It's also very black and it's easy to make the perfect straight line with this. I'm not the best at using felt tip liners since I'm used to pencil eyeliners, but this one is so easy to use. I also worry about these types of liners because I feel like they dry out rather quickly, but luckily this one is still going strong. 

Have you tried either of these beauty products?
What's your favorite mascara?

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Outfit: Don't Rain On My Parade

**I received this hat for free from Lipton Publicity. All opinions are my own.**

I'm not much of a hat wearer (besides my winter hats to keep warm), but I really wanted to test out this Scala Colleczione rain hat. My biggest pet peeve with most of my spring jackets is the lack of a hood, and as we all know it tends to rain a lot in the springtime. Well, this rain hat is officially my new favorite thing! 

Let me tell you why I like it: the solid black goes with everything, it's made of soft, waterproof fabric (100% nylon) that's not the cheap plastic-y kind, the lining is cute and polka-dotted, the lining at the top of the hat is padded, and lastly the back of the brim has a little dip for your neck. Not only does it also come in wine, charcoal, and khaki, but it's only $25. I'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of this come spring.

P.S. -- Please ignore the fact that my fly is down. Oops.
Hat: ℅ Scala Colleczione | Top: Delia's (old) | Jeans: Hollister | Boots: ℅ Joules

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Watch | Read | Listen {March 2015}

It is a very good month for entertainment, my friends! There are incredible films, novels, and albums coming out the next four weeks, and I for one am very excited about it. I just know I'll be going to the theaters at least twice this month (for Cinderella and Insurgent) and popping into my local library to get my hands on The Wicked Will Rise


The director of District 9 and Elysium is now telling the story of Chappie, a gift and special robot who is smart and can be influenced by his surroundings. He is the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself, but a powerful force wants him to be the last of his kind. Starring Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Sigourney Weaver, and Hugh Jackman. (Watch the trailer.) Neill Blomkamp's films have heart and make you think about society and are always amazing.  (March 6)

Disney is once again bringing to life the classic fairy tale of Cinderella. The 1950s animated classic is being brought to life in this live-action story of a young woman (Lily James) who is mistreated by her stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and finds love (Richard Madden) in an unlikely place. (Watch the trailer.) This film looks absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see it! (March 13)

The Cobbler
Adam Sandler plays a cobbler who works in the same New York shop that has been in his family for generations. When his machine breaks, he goes into the basement and unearths a magical heirloom that allows him to step into the lives of his customers and see the world with a fresh perspective. (Watch the trailer.) This comedy looks heartwarming and very funny. (March 13)

The second in the Divergent series and based on the book by Veronica Roth, Insurgent continues the story of Tris (Shaine Woodley) and Four (Theo James), now fugitives being hunted by Jeanine (Kate Winslet), as they fight to stay alive, to stop the power-hungry Erudite elite, and make their world a better place. (Watch the trailer.) Yes yes yes! You can bet I'll be seeing this! (March 20)

Based on the book by Ron Rash, in North Carolina in the 1920s, George (Bradley Cooper) and Serena Pemberton (Jennifer Lawrence) are newly-weds who build a timber empire. The Pembertons refuse to let anyone stand in the way of their love and ambitions, but when Serena discovers George's hidden past, their marriage begins to crumble. (Watch the trailer.) I've heard this film in incredible. (March 27)

Other movies coming out:

  • The Drop Box (March 3)
  • Grey Gardens (March 6)
  • The Second Best Marigold Hotel (March 6)
  • Unfinished Business (March 6)
  • It Follows (March 13)
  • The Wrecking Crew (March 13)
  • Danny Collins (March 20)
  • The Gunman (March 20)
  • The Walking Deceased (March 20)
  • Get Hard (March 27)
  • A Girl Like Her (March 27)
  • Home (March 27)
Books & Music -- March 2015
  • The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro -- Now that the Romans have left Britain, Axl and Beatrice, elderly Britons, decide to embark on a journey across the troubled land to find the son they have not seen in years. Soon a Saxon warrior, an orphan, and a knight become their travel companions. (March 3)
  • Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver -- Two sisters' lives are changed forever when Dara's beautiful face is scarred by an accident. When Dara vanishes on her birthday, Nick thinks it's just a joke until she realizes that another girl has disappeared too. (March 10)
  • Prudence by Gail Carriger -- When Prudence (aka Rue) is given a dirigible (airship), she names it the Spotted Custard and flies to India in search of the perfect cup of tea, but she stumbles upon dissidents, a kidnapped wife, and Scottish werewolves. (March 17)
  • Big Hero 6, Vol. 1 by Haruki Ueno & Disney -- Hiro wants to be an inventor like his brother, but after his brother's death Hiro consoles himself by turning to his brother's last invention, a healthcare robot named Baymax. (March 24)
  • The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die #2) by Danielle Paige -- The sequel continues Amy's mission to take back a corrupted Oz from the power-hungry and evil Dorothy. (March 31)
  • One Plus One by Jojo Moyes -- Jess' life sucks -- her husband is gone, her stepson is being bullied, and her math-whiz daughter has an opportunity she can't afford -- until the tech billionare, whose home she cleans, offers to help, but he's got problems of his own. (March 31)
  • At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen -- After disgracing themselves at a high society party in Philly in 1944, Madeline and her husband Ellis are cut off financially by his father. Ellis and his friend believe the only way to get back into favor is by succeeding where his father failed: by hunting down the Loch Ness monster. (March 31)
Kelly Clarkson's Piece by Piece (March 3) | Bradi Carlile's The Firewatcher's Daughter (March 3)
Madonna's Rebel Heart (March 10) | Marina and the Diamonds' Froot (March 16)
Death Cab for Cutie's Kintsugi (March 31)

What are you looking forward to?

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Favorite Things {February 2015}

Valentine's Day post card from Naomi, thrifted heart ring, 

Surprise gifts are the absolute best! I came home on Tuesday to find a package and immediately ripped it open. Martie sent me a "Good Morning Sunshine" pillowcase for Galentine's Day because she knew that I've been wanting it. It now has a permanent place on my bed! Thank you so much, Martie! And thank you to Naomi for the cutest Valentine's Day card!

Don't get me wrong, I love the library, but it's hard to get newly-released books when I want them, which is immediately. I just started using NetGalley and I'm already obsessed. So far I've been approved to read two books and I'm hoping more come my way. Do you use it?

 A few fun links:

 Gabriele's dedication to learn all the things has inspired me to start CodeAcademy!

 How awesome are these perler bead creations by Naomi?

 A fascinating post: On becoming a little bit American.

 Do Brits like the royal family?

 For writers: When you don't feel like writing and When the first book isn't the one.

 I like this clean slate post by Martie -- it's real and honest.

 How to squeeze more reading into your day.

 Kay has started an Artist Interviews series and Maja Wronska's paintings are beautiful!

 Life in a YA novel.

 Swap friends: You're in Brookelynn, Urban CashmereDisownedPiper & Lilith, Lily and Wes, My Life as a Teacup, Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups, Novelstyle & My Open Sketchbook.

 Fashion love: printed dress, scalloped colorblock sweaterpolka dot sneakerspeplum cami, elephant tank top, purple skater dress, blue lace romperDashshund letter holder.

What are you guys up to this weekend?
I might be going to a bake-off / open mic this weekend!

I'm looking for Books & Looks submissions! Click below for more info!

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