Friday, January 30, 2015

Favorite Things {January 2015}

{iPhone 5c, iPhone case, cherry key chain, Pacifica eye shadow, Payless fuzzy moccasins,

I got my iPhone shortly after Christmas and it's been my favorite thing ever since! It made driving around Austin so easy since I had Siri to guide me. I love that I can get the Internet literally anywhere, so I can post to Instagram and Twitter whenever I want. Yeah, I'm #addicted.

Winter means cuddling in comfy clothes to read, so these polka dot pajamas (they're old, but I rediscovered them), these fuzzy mocs, and this pretty mug are keeping me warm. 

I'm sad I didn't get this floral camera case before I went to Austin because it fits my camera perfectly and it's extra protection against the big bad world and my at-times clumsy feet. I'll definitely be getting lots of use out of it this summer because I tend to go into New York City more when it's warm.  

Thanks, Avra, for this cute cherry key chain! I love it!

A few fun links:

 Words for book lovers that should exist!

 These book sculptures are intricate and beautiful.

 Can you love your body but still want to change it?

 How to write a great book review.

 What does fashion have to do with the civil rights movement?

 I've been living vicariously through Jess as she travels through Korea and Japan.

 New ways to set some reading goals.

 I love this Proust Questionnaire on Naomi's blog.

 When you don't know what to write about.

 Did you hear? Emma Watson is playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Inspired By: The Classics Vol. 10

This month I decided to do "classic" children's books. You can all thank Angie of Simply Sinova (you should all check out her blog because it's one of my favorites!) for this awesome idea! While most of these books are modern (they were all written between 1955 and 1974), over time they have become classic stories.

A Wrinkle in Time
A Wrinkle in Time

Written by Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time is a science fantasy novel that follows Meg Murray, a fourteen-year-old, who goes on a journey to rescue her father, a scientist. It turns out her father was working on something called the tesseract and before long, Meg, her young telepathic brother, and Calvin, the boy she likes, travel to strange places. (I've never read this, but now I want to!)

Go for a schoolgirl look by wearing a green dress under a beige sweater, glasses, wine-colored tights, and cut-out oxfords. Or you could dress like Calvin, the red-haired boy that Meg likes: wear an orange striped top, jeans, a mint-colored watch, and mint sneakers.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon | Goodreads

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Written by Shel Silvertein, this book is a collection of poems and illustrations about childhood problems (like a girl not wanting to go to school) and fanciful stories (like when three brothers go for a ride on a flying shoe, a crocodile doesn't like it when a dentist cleans his teeth, or a man asks animals for suggestions on how to impress a woman).

Go for something chic but cozy in a black jumpsuit, a warm gray cardigan, black rose earrings, and gray peep-toe booties. Or instead wear a gray swing dress, burgundy tights, layered necklaces, and black heeled booties.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon | Goodreads

Harold and the Purple Crayon
Harold and the Purple Crayon
Written by Crockett Johnson, Harold and the Purple Crayon is about four-year-old Harold, a curious little boy, who creates the things he wants. He draw a moon, a path to walk, a bed to sleep in, and more.

Wear the classic colors of the book: purple, blue, and black by donning a blue blouse, purple lipstick, black jeans, and purple pumps. Or a purple cardigan, blue dress, layered necklaces, and blue T-strap heels.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon | Goodreads

Where The Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are
Written by Maurice Sendak, the story follows a boy named Max, who dresses in his wolf costume and causes a ruckus in his house and is sent to his room, which transforms into an island with large creatures called Wild Things.

Wear a cozy outfit for exploring a strange land: an oversized gray cardigan, a striped top, jeans, a cat ears ring, and nude flats. Or go for a black hat with ears, a gray dress, a wolf ears ring, tights, and lace up boots.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon | Goodreads

Which of these childhood books have you read?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag {January 2015}

I got my first Ipsy bag of 2015! This month's theme is Fresh Start, so it's about rejuvenating your skin and looking fresh-faced for the new year. I like the texture of this bag and the fact that on one side it's a bright royal blue and the other side it's a stark white. I really like the products in the bag this month!

What I got:
 BellaPierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek (full size $15)
 Elizabeth Mott's All Over Shadow Brush (full size $10)
 Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer (full size $16, sample $8)
 Pacifica Natural Mineral Shadow in Ethereal (full size $14 for whole palette, sample $4)
 LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Day Moisturizer (full size $14)

The whole bag is worth $51!

BellaPierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek

I wasn't sure I would like this because it's kind of a dark blue-gray-silver color and this loose shadow is kind of messy, but it's a gorgeous color. When you blend it in it becomes more of a gray-silver and it's a wonderful metallic. But I probably wouldn't get it again because I find loose powder annoying.

Elizabeth Mott's All Over Shadow Brush

I love getting brushes in my Ipsy bags because I never think to buy them on my own. This one is very soft, it's pink, and it blends beautifully. It's also not too big or long, so it would be great for travel. I would buy more of these!

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer

I really like testing lip treatments and lip balms and this one feels nice on my lips. It's easy to apply due to the applicator and after a while it sinks into my lips and makes them feel soft. I don't think it really moisturizes; it mostly just softens but doesn't heal if that makes sense. I like it, but I wouldn't buy it due to the high price. 

Pacifica Natural Mineral Shadow in Ethereal

I LOVE this eye shadow! It's the perfect nude for my skin tone, but it also has a soft, subtle shimmer. It also blends easily. I've been wearing this non-stop. Sadly it doesn't come solo, just in a palette, but I would consider getting the palette. 

LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Day Moisturizer

This moisturizer is light-weight and quickly sinks into the skin. It has a cucumber scent. I also really like that it's "highly natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free, and California-born." I like it, but a whole tub of the stuff is $40, so no thanks. 

Have you tried any of these products? 
What products did you get in your Ipsy bag?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Outfit: Keeping Warm

Yep, this outfit post is called Keeping Warm, but I'm not wearing my coat in these pictures. Don't worry, I had it nearby for when I got cold. Since everything at Delia's is on sale due to the fact that they're closing shop (RIP Delia's!), I snagged this purple faux fur stole for a great price. This  one is super soft and surprisingly very warm. If you're bored of regular scarves and want something that feels more classy, try a faux fur stole. 

When I first got my iPhone, I bought a clear case from Ebay for $5 so that I could still see the blue back, but I hated the case because it was not made well. I was considering getting an Otterbox, but a bunch of the reviews I read said that the 5c case has an open bottom, so I got this phone case from Ebay for $12. It's inexpensive, but it's sturdy, shockproof, and apparently waterproof, although I haven't tested it. 
Cardigan: old | Scarf: Delia's | Top: LC Lauren Conrad x Kohls 
Jeans: Hollister | Socks: Urban Outfitters | Boots: Amazon | Phone Case: Ebay

How are you keeping warm?
What phone case do you have?

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Inspiration: Reading Nook

Oh how I wish I had a cute little reading nook! It seems all I want to do during January, February, and March is sit and read with a hot drink while I wait for spring. When I get my own place one day, I'm determined to get a teal or purple tufted armchair with a footrest that will sit near a bright window with a pretty pillow and side table to keep my new books.  
Do you have a reading nook?
What would your reading nook look like?

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