Thursday, March 8, 2012

Colors of Spring

With New York reaching into the 50s and 60s lately (good job, Mother Nature!), this area of the world is starting to feel like spring, and when spring rolls around I want beautiful, colorful things. Spring reminds me that there's more than gray skies, white snow (maybe not this year), people in black coats, and somber blue expressions.

I found some amazingly colorful pictures on Pinterest and I thought I'd share...

Although spring is all about pastels, I'm loving bright colors too!

(All pictures via Pinterest)

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  1. Lovely photos. Such great colors. I love Pinterest.

    1. Thanks! Oh my god, I'm addicted to Pinterest now! It's seriously the best!

  2. These colors are so gorgeous! I love all of these pics.

    See Me Rwar

  3. the lime green door is a cool idea! it looks so good with that wallpaper too


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