Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Outfit: Book Clutch

I've been wanting a book clutch FOREVER! And then I came across Book Vosk's Kickstarter campaign a few months ago. Sadly the Kickstarter wasn't fully funded, but they put their incredible book clutches on Etsy at their Kickstarter price ($95) and I just had to get one! Yes, these bags are pricier than anything I normally buy (the regular price is now $105), but they're so well-made and gorgeous. Just LOOK at this Wizard of Oz clutch! The art by Gabriela Regina is pretty, the magnets are super strong, the red tassel is surprisingly soft, and it's just all around perfection.

Since I knew I was going to be working hard on the first draft of my novel in November, I got this book clutch as a reward for myself, and it arrived at the beginning of December. Perfect timing! Have you ever wanted a book clutch? What book do you want? I would also love a Pride and Prejudice one. 

Also, how cute is this hat?!
Pink Sweater: American Eagle (via Poshmark) | Jeans: American Eagle
Clutch: Book Vosk | Hat: Charming Charlie | Socks: old | Boots: Amazon

Do you have a book clutch?
What book do you want?

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