Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Outfit: Blue Stripes

After going through my closet two months ago, I decided to listen to some of the closet-cleaning blog posts I've read. These posts always mention putting clothes you're not sure you want to get rid into a bag and not looking at it for a few months. The goal of this is that if you don't think about the items within the bag after a month or two, then you should get rid of them. Any of the items you do miss, you can add them back into your closet. I got rid of all of the items except for one: this blue striped button up. It's a good way to "get rid of items" without getting rid of them because you just store them away for a month or two. Have you tried this method? 

I have to say, it was so nice wearing a sheer blouse in the middle of winter! It was nearly 60 degrees last week and I loved it! We got a little taste of spring and then, of course, it was snatched away the next day by a blizzard. Thanks, Mother Nature. 
Top: Old Navy (old) | Jeans: Old Navy | Boots: Amazon
Bag: Target | Necklace: gift (thanks, Avra!)

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