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Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars

Based on books by Sara Shepard, this TV series follows four girls in fictional Rosewood, PA, whose lives are turned upside down by the disappearance of their leader Alison. One year later exactly, the girls start to receive shocking messages from a mysterious person called "A," who threatens to expose all their dirty little secrets.

Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars -- Aria

Aria Montgomery (played by Lucy Hale) is the artistic one of the bunch. She's emotional and at times dramatic, but she stands up for what believes and for who she believes in. Throughout the series, Aria has been dating her ex-teacher Ezra (Ian Harding). Aria has a very eclectic look; she wears classic shapes (blouse, long coat, A-line pleated skirt) in fun, edgy ways (skull print, leopard print, metallic).

Dress like Aria by wearing a moto jacket, skull print blouse, blue metallic skirt, and studded wedges, or by wearing a leopard print coat, blue lace dress, and cute heels. Try smudged eyeliner for a smokey eye effect.

Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars -- Hanna
Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) is the it-girl of the group and takes over as Queen Bee after Alison's disappearance. She may wear dresses and heels, but she is one tough girl; she will right into your face and confront you if you insult her or her friends. She is dating bad boy Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and is was best friends with Mona. Hanna likes to wear bright colors and is always very trendy -- peter pan collars, colorblocking, neon, and stripes.

Emmulate Hanna by wearing a plaid jacket, colorblocking dress, and black pumps, or by wearing a striped blazer, neon yellow dress, peter pan collar necklace, and nude wedges.

Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars -- Emily
Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) is a competitive swimmer and the jock of the group. Sweet and shy, she tries to hide the fact that she's a lesbian from her military father for long time. She's dating fellow swimmer Paige. Emily has a sporty, casual style with a bit of an edge -- acid wash, band tees, moto jackets, and lots of black.  

Dress like Emily by wearing a chambray top, gray graphic tee, mint jeans, and polka dot Keds. Or go darker by wearing a moto jacket, waterfall sweater, Fun. band tee, and studded boots.

Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars -- Spencer
Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) is the leader of the group; she's intelligent, hard-working, ambitious, and strives for perfection. She's always trying to dig deeper and be one step ahead of "A." *SPOILER* She recently discovered that her boyfriend Toby (Keegan Allen) is part of the "A" team. Spencer has a preppy, classic, and slightly vintage style -- it's all about tweed blazers, pleating, cardigans, ruffles, bows, and lace.

Dress to perfection like Spencer by wearing a tweed jacket, ruffled white blouse, green pleated skirt, and maryjane wedges. Or wear a green blouse, bow belt, lace skirt, and mint heels. Don't forget a journal or book; there's always an oppurtunity to get ahead.

Inspired By: Pretty Little Liars -- Mona
Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) was an unpopular girl at school and was previously mocked by Alison and the others. After Alison's disappearane, Mona and Hanna became close friends and underwent a makeover together, becoming the most popular girls at school. *SPOILER* But she never forgot or forgave because it turns out she was part of the "A" team all along. Despite her dark mind, Mona has a girly style, favoring pink and red, cute prints, pale colors, and bows.

To dress like Mona, try a heart print cardigan, pink peplum blouse, jeans, and wedges. Or for a fancy day, don a red blouse, scalloped black skirt, and bow flats. Don't forget your nude lipstick; this one is called "Queen Sinner." Keep your phone in a case with eyes to let everyone knowsyou're watching.

So you watch PLL?
What character do you like most?

(Images via Yahoo & ABC Family)

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  2. woww!! love it

  3. Pretty little liars has some of the best fashion! This is great, you really got the girls style perfectly! I so wish I had Arias wardrobe!

  4. Yep I totally just bought Aria's pleated skirt. LOL. Following you on GFC now, waiting for you to follow back. Wanna follow each other on FB too?


  5. Not even gonna lie, I LOOOOVE pretty little liars. I think I'm on season two still though, so I'm kind of behind. Haha but it's awesome.

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  7. ive never seen the show, but i love the outfits you chose from emily!

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