Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why Everyone Needs Adult Coloring Books

**I received the two mandalas coloring books for free. All opinions are my own.**

Have you heard of adult coloring books? Yep, they actually exist. They're a big thing right now and are said to help with stress by relaxing the mind. So, should you get one and does it work? I've had Coloring Flower Mandalas and The Mindfulness Coloring Book (which I got at BookCon) for about three months now and I love using them when I'm stressed, anxious, or just bored. 

Here's why I like them and why everyone should have adult coloring books:

ONE | Calming

Putting all of your energy and worries into drawing and staying between the lines (but don't feel you have to!) forces you to calm down and momentarily take your mind off your to-do list and daily stresses. It's like channeling everything through the pen and onto the paper and makes you feel accomplished afterward, knowing you created something beautiful.

TWO | Creative

If you don't have more than ten minutes a day to be creative, this would be perfect for you. Coloring in a book doesn't take much skill, so it's great for everyone, whether you can draw stick figures or paint beautiful landscapes or any skill level in between. It's nice breaking out the markers and choosing which colors to use and deciding whether to be realistic or just have fun with it. 


When I take out a coloring book, I put on my headphones and listen to a playlist on Spotify or an audiobook. It's fun listening to an interesting book (like Amy Poehler's Yes Please or Marissa Meyer's Cinder) while using colorful markers or pencils to shade in mandalas and teacups and leaves and random patterns. It's like taking a little break from your life. Trust me. 

I recently got Coloring Dream Mandalas, which I'm excited to use, but there's also Coloring Animal Mandalas and Coloring Ocean Mandalas. Once you finish coloring in all of those, there's a ton of adult coloring books out there. 

Have you tried adult coloring books?

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