Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspiration: Anticipating Autumn + Sponsor: The Biker Store

I'm not usually a fan of the color orange, but to me that lively, warm color just embodies autumn -- pumpkin pie, PSL (pumpkin spice lattes), actual pumpkins, crunchy leaves, apple cider, squash soup, candlelight, roaring fireplaces, and of course it's one of the two Halloween colors. Every year I always look forward to seeing the leaves change colors. I especially love the trees whose leaves turn a bold burgundy before falling away. And you can't go wrong with all the delicious food that fall has to offer.

Today I want to introduce you guys to The Biker Store

My dad has a red motorcycle and in the summer likes to ride around in his padded leather jacket and black helmet. He'll take my siblings and I down the street while we ride on the back (one at a time of course) to feel the wind in our hair. It's simultaneously thrilling and relaxing. Every year, my dad  loves going to Americade in Lake George, NY, where hundreds of motorcycles line the streets. Whenever I see a motorcycle it reminds me of that bald-headed man I call dad, so that's why I'm excited that The Biker Store is a sponsor of mine this month!
The Biker Store has a wide range of ladies motorcycle helmets and motorcycle clothing including, jeans, leather jackets, leather trousers, and motorcycle boots. They take pride in what they do and take time out of the weekends and evenings to visit local biker meet-ups to listen to bikers stories.

Be sure to check out their clothing,
especially if you yourself are a biker chick!

What do you love about fall?
Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?

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  1. FALL! IT'S HERE! I THINK! For now xD

  2. I'm so excited for fall! But I really wish it was longer, especially in Canada...

    - Juliana

  3. Sara thank youfor your birthday wishes! Fall is my fav season, soryy for not commenting too much nowadays my illness hit me again so I could not read your recent posts.
    Best wishes

  4. My hubby has a Harley and he went to Americade a few years ago! I'll have to tell him to check out The Biker Store :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Style Lately Giveaway!

  5. Fall is my favorite! :)

  6. Fall is my absolute favourite season... the colours, the slight chill in the air, the delicious vegetables and warm drinks... everything is wonderful! I just wish it would last longer.

  7. I too am madly in anticipation of autumn, my favorite season!!! :) I hope you are having a swell day, dear friend!

  8. Great inspiration board of perfect fall pics! It's so calming to see the leaves change color :)

  9. That's no problem at all! I hope you're feeling okay! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Me too! A year round fall would be ideal!

  11. you know how much I love autumn!

  12. I love that you're drinking and eating everything pumpkin! Sounds wonderful! I love Halloween too! It's so much fun!


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