Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Outfit: Owl Always Love You

I thought I would list a bunch of things I love since Valentine's Day is coming and love is not just for a significant other, but for all people and all things! Let's spread the love!
  • Pigging out on snacks while watching a funny movie with my two younger brothers
  • Laughing with my friends about the same thing because they just get it (love you, girls!)
  • Finding that perfectly comfortable spot while immersing myself in a book 
  • Being in the moment while writing so that everything else ceases to exist
  • Coming home and no one else is there yet and it's quiet and peaceful
  • Scones from Alice's Tea Cup 
  • When you're in a store and find that one thing that screams "you"
  • Anything with owls
  • When a stranger smiles at you for no reason
  • Going to Starbucks and getting something for free because of a glitch or they have extra
  • When the weather is the perfect temperature (that's sweater weather for me!)
  • Oeros
  • When you're favorite show returns to TV
  • When the stars align and everything works out perfectly
  • & you guys, my readers!
What do you love? 

Jacket: Uniqlo | Shirt: Modcloth (cute alternative) | Jeans: Hollister
Heart Pin: (adorable heart lollipop pin) | Shoes: Keds

What are things you love about Valentine's Day
or just life in general? 

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