Monday, February 29, 2016

Five Spring Fashion Trends {2016}

It's hard to look forward to spring when this winter has barely even felt like winter, but of course I'm still looking forward to wearing fewer layers, eating outdoors, and seeing pretty flowers everywhere. 

The fashion trends this spring are super feminine and pretty and I want to wear all of them! I've already moved my striped shirts to the top of my blouse drawer and I'm itching to get some cute lace tops and lace-up flats. 

ONE | Stripes

Every girl should have a striped top or two! I still prefer polka dots and florals, but stripes are a classic that everyone should have because they go with everything. It would be fun to mix a striped top with jeans and bright sneakers for a casual look or a lace top with a striped skirt and heels for a romantic night. 

TWO | Lace & Lingerie-Inspired
Lace & Lingerie-Inspired
Warmer weather means you can wear lace without freezing your limbs off, so show off your sexy side with lingerie-inspired clothing. Lace is the perfect mix of old-fashioned and modern. For date night, wear a lace dress with lace-up heels. For the office or the weekend, throw on a lace top, jeans, and flats. 

THREE | Off-The-Shoulder Tops
Off The Shoulder
I'm not sure if this style is really for me and my manly shoulders, but I do think the style is really fun and feminine. I love the mint dress! If you have a bohemian style, the white embroidered top with jeans or a flowy skirt and sandals would be cute. Or mix trends by wearing a striped off-the-shoulder top and black pants. 

FOUR | Sportswear
Now being a sweaty mess after going to the gym is in style! Or you can pretend that you went to gym without all of that gross sweatiness! Mix a casual striped top with gray joggers and sneakers. Or have fun with it by wearing an off-the-shoulder black top with marble leggings and flats. 

FIVE | Lace-Up Shoes
Lace-Up Shoes
How pretty are these shoes?! I'm so in love with those brown lace-up heels, but sadly the heel looks too high for me. These are the kind of shoes that do all of the work for you of making you look like you care when really you just threw on whatever and ran out the door. And there are so many styles out there, so win-win!

P.S. -- Mix these trends with the cute fall trends!

What trends do you like?

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