Monday, March 14, 2016

6 Women That Inspire Me {Women's Month}

Common Room is celebrating International Women's Month all month long to highlight awesome ladies with women-centric prompts. This week's prompt is all about creative international women, so I wanted to take a look at creative women that have inspired me. 

ONE | Taylor Swift
I've been a T-Swift fan since high school. It all began with her catchy romantic songs and then I realized what an awesome goofball she is and wished we could be BFFs. So not only is Taylor Swift goofy, quirky, not afraid to be herself, not afraid to make fun of herself (ie. Shake It Off), and genuine, but she's created a fan base of young women who build each other up instead of tearing each other down. 

TWO | J.K. Rowling
Who didn't see this coming? Rowling is the woman who made me want to be a writer. It's not an exaggeration to say that the Harry Potter books changed my life (as it did for so many others) and I hope one day to create books that entertain and inspire like her books do for me. Plus she's so eloquent, she tweets encouraging responses to people, and tweets tidbits about the world of Harry Potter. What's not to love? (And she visited a library on a whim and made everyone's day!)

THREE | Lauren Conrad
It's crazy to think that she started out on a reality TV show, but Lauren Conrad used that fame to become a businesswoman and build an empire. Her name is now synonymous with pretty clothing and a lifestyle website by women that encourages other women to become better versions of themselves every day. She's a great role model, I love how into Halloween she is (she creates intricate costumes every year), and all of the clothes she makes are so beautiful. 

FOUR | Emma Watson (and Hermione Granger)
Like the rest of the world, I first saw Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, a witch who is highly intelligent, clever, emotional, loyal, and an ambassador for those who don't have a voice of their own (hello house elves). Turns out Emma Watson and Hermione Granger have a lot in common because Watson is an advocate for women's rights and a bad-ass human being. And obviously an amazing actress. 

FIVE | Alexis Lampley (@dropandgivemenerdy)
Alexis is a bookstagrammer whose lovely bookish and geektastic pictures inspire me to let my geek flag fly and to practice my photography. She is a super nice and super cool human being and she also recently published her first book called The Onyx Vial, which I can't wait to read, so the fact that she can write and care for her adorable baby gives me hope that I can get my act together to write my own novels. 

SIX | Veronica Mars
Okay, I know she's not real and not all that creative (unless how you count how she tracks down bad guys), but I love that show and the movie and the novels. Veronica doesn't let anyone or anything get in the way of her pursuit of the truth, she's confident, she's intelligent, she's not afraid to be emotional and scared, she cares about all people, and she has the best witty comebacks. Can I just be her?

What creative women have inspired you?

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