Friday, March 18, 2016

My Spring Reading List

And the pile of books I want to read grows bigger and bigger! In the publishing world, new books come out every Tuesday (why is it Tuesday and not Monday or Friday or even Wednesday?), so a few Tuesdays a month my unread pile grows a little bit longer. There are so many fantastic books that have come out this year or are coming out in the next few months that I desperately want to read. 

I created a winter reading list in January, but in the two months since then I've only managed to read three of the twelve, but those books are still high on my TBR. 

2016 Reading Goal: 60 books
Currently Read: 24 books
 A Study in Charlotte
 A Gathering of Shadows
 The Darkest Part of the Forest
 Da Vinci's Tiger
 The Winner's Kiss (out March 29)
 The Impostor Queen
 Railhead (out April 1)
 If You Find This Letter
 The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo #1) (out May 3)
 The Unbound
 The Forbidden Wish
 The Onyx Vial

Have any good book recommendations?

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