Friday, January 20, 2017

Inspired By: Bakery in Brooklyn

I love a good light and fluffy movie, especially when it involves a cute bakery, comedy, family drama, cute boys, food fights, and baked goods!

Bakery in Brooklyn is about Vivien and Chloe, two cousins who have been inseparable since they were little, but that changes when they both inherit their dead aunt's boulangerie named Isabelle's. Both girls have differing ideas of what to do with the bakery: Vivien wants to keep it traditional and Chloe wants to add a modern spin. But then the bank says the bakery is in danger of being foreclosed, so they have to put their differences aside to keep Isabelle's open. 

The movie opens tomorrow in limited theaters.

Bakery in Brooklyn -- Vivien

Vivien (Aimee Teegarden) was about to go on her dream trip to Europe when she found out about her aunt Isabelle's passing, so she decides to stay and help keep the bakery open. But she wants the shop to remain traditional since it's been that way for years. The bank sends Paul to tell her the bad news about the foreclosure, but she starts to fall for him. 

Hang out in Brooklyn while wearing a black blazer, gray dress, purple scarf, sunglasses, and beige booties. Or bake in style by putting in a floral and striped top, black jeans, cute printed apron, cupcake necklace, and burgundy booties.

Bakery in Brooklyn -- Chloe
Chloe (Krysta Rodriguez) works as an assistant to Fernando, who is on a popular daytime cooking show, but she also goes to help at Isabelle's in order to keep it open. She wants to add some new flavor to the bakery to make it more modern. 

Keep it cool and casual in a gray button up, jeans, pointed toe flats, and ruffly apron. Or make delicious baked goods in a green tee, distressed jeans, hat, cupcake phone case, and black booties.

Paul & Fernando
Bakery in Brooklyn -- Paul & Fernando
Paul (Ward Horton) works for the bank and has to deliver the bad news to Vivien and Chloe that the bakery is in foreclosure. He starts to fall for Vivien and wants her shop to remain open. Wear a mix of professional and casual by donning a blue blazer, striped tee, jeans, watch, and gray sneakers.

Fernando (Aitor Luna) is a chef on a popular cooking show and thinks that Chloe should add a modern spin to the bakery. He begins to have feelings for Chloe. Dress like a super cool chef by wearing a quilted black jacket, a black tee, jeans, a "Will cook for wine" apron, heart earrings, and booties.

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