Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Outfit: A Vested Interest

Are there some items that remind you of your mom? For me, one of those items is vests. Particularly a brown or navy, squishy vest. My mom wears them almost year round. And it's exactly for that reason that I stayed away from them for so long. There's that saying that in time all daughters turn into their mothers and, well, I've finally given into the vest! They really do add an extra bit of warmth and they're pretty fashionable in the right color. 

So, I guess I am turning into my mother. Or at least starting to wear vests like she does. Is there something you've stayed away from because your mom wears it?
Hat: Charming Charlie (only $5!) | Vest: Van Heusen (gift) | Sweater: old
Jeans: Old Navy | Booties: DSW | Scarf: Primark

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