Friday, July 31, 2015

Favorite Things

{Live. Laugh. Love. tray (gift), Disney Princess magnetic bookmarks, Alice Funko Pop
Feather notecards, Stay Focused notebook, Floral bubble necklace (gift), 

It was a Disney Princess kind of month, it seems. Bookmarks, phone case, and I watched Mulan on TV last week. I'm not complaining. I love Disney Princess anything! Would it be bad if I got every Disney Princess Funko Pop?!

See that notebook right there. I mentioned before that I'm writing a new novel. Well, I finished one notebook (it was already half full though) and now I've started this Stay Focused one. Notes of encouragement welcome!

Thanks, Avra, for this pretty tray and cute notecard set! I don't want to send any of the cards because they're so pretty!

 A few fun links:

 Novel Tea Book Club is starting a Book Swap! So excited!

 Buzzfeed Books always has such great posts: 

 5 SEO tips for bloggers.

 Love Super Space Chick's 28 Before 29 List!

 25 things I know to be true (thanks to blogging).

 10 ways to build self-confidence.

 I love Fiction Incarnate's Happy Lists!

 How to make your bedroom an oasis.

 5 ways to make the most of your writing time.

 I want all of these delicate rings.

 How to overcome failure.

 Do you have an impressive word?

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Have a great weekend!

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