Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Outfit: Rebel

You know when you get a piece of clothing and you just don't know how to wear it? It seems obvious: it's a piece of clothing, you put it on your body, but I just didn't know what other pieces of clothing to pair it with. That is this top. When I saw it at Free People ages ago on deep sale, I immediately loved it (so much beautiful beading!), but wasn't sure how to wear it. I'm still not really sure it works here, so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! 

How cute is this "Rebel" cuff? Obviously, I'm a huge rebel (*sarcasm*) because I mix black with brown and gold with silver jewelry. Interesting tidbit: The moment after I finished taking these pictures, this bracelet broke. But because ban.do is awesome they're sending me another one free of charge. 
Top: Free People | Jeans: American Eagle | Sandals: Kohls
Cuff: Ban.do | Black Ring: Brandy Melville

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  1. I actually wanted that same top but had your dilemma. I think you styled it just fine though to be honest. I think it would also look good with black skinnies and some booties in the fall. If you can still find the product you can look at the FPME section and see how other FP girls styled it too! Sometimes that helps a lot for me because FP has gorgeous, challenging pieces, and a lot of the FPME community works in the stores so they are surrounded by the clothing all day... it only makes sense they would get creative! Either way, I think it's gorgeous!

  2. LittleMonsterx14July 14, 2015 at 9:56 AM

    I love that top! I think it would look awesome with a pair of leggings :)

  3. I'll have to try that! Thanks! :)

  4. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I love the idea of paring it with black skinnies and booties! Definitely doing that come fallN I never thought to check the FPME section! Great idea! Thanks!!

  5. Omgggg! I was with you when you bought this :) I totally forgot about it but girl it looks so good on you! You need to wear it more often!! Awesome post and I am glad the company is giving you a replacement :) YAY for speaking up! XOXOXOXO <3

  6. So, when you say an FPME section, do you mean on Bloglovin' or somewhere else? Because I actually just bought a new Free People shirt and I would love to see how other people wear it! Feel like that would be so helpful!!! :)

  7. I think the top looks great the way you're wearing it! It's fancy, but your jeans make it feel more casual. Also: LOVE the bracelet! I'm going to have to snag me one of those.

  8. Gorgeous top! It seems quite versatile and I think you styled it perfectly. I like the contrast between the intricate beading and casual jeans. It creates balance. I could also see it paired with black skinnies and heels/boots for a nightlife feel.

  9. That top is SO pretty Sara! Since it's made with neutral colors, you could pretty much wear it with anything! Any colored jeans--white and black would look amazing as would a dark purple or burgundy, a fitting pencil skirt, maybe half tucked into a maxi skirt, or fully tucked into an a-line skirt. Lots of options!

  10. I love love love that top! And your sandals are so cute! I would love those in my closet :)


  11. I love it dressed down with jeans (because I'm all about a fancy top + jeans) but I would wear it with a pretty skirt! Maybe something pleated? That seems totally 1920's flapper to me!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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