Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outfit: Pink Hearts & Green Leaves

While I was at my dad's house, I decided to take some outfit photos because he has such a large backyard full of lush grass and pretty trees, and because it was so gorgeous outside. I'll definitely have to take more pictures here when I can. Isn't it nice?

These pictures were taken before I got my haircut. Not a drastic change, just snipped off a couple of inches, but now I can't braid my hair over my shoulder. That kind of makes me sad, but when my hair gets too long the ends get frizzy and the length just doesn't suit my face.

Shirt // old (can't remember)
Tank // Old Navy
Jeans // Forever 21
Shoes // Payless
Bracelet // gift from my dad
Ring // Forever 21

My new camera! I've already taken it on some fun adventures (ie. foraging in the woods),
and can't wait to play around with it more!

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  1. i love your shoes! awesome photos :)

  2. beautiful pics, beautiful outfit, beautiful atmosphere and I love that bracelet ;)



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