Friday, September 5, 2014

Dear Reader, Who Are You? Pt. 2

The last Dear Reader post was absolutely wonderful! I loved reading your responses and getting to know you guys better! It was like sitting in a little cafe and chatting with friends. I especially loved seeing what you all aspire to be and the two words to describe yourself. Each answer was so wildly different, which I think is great and shows that we're all unique. Yes, we're all special snowflakes!

I want to know more about you guys!

I would love to know:
  • your favorite flower or plant
  • a TV show you love, or one that you hate
  • something you're afraid of
  • if you could only wear one print for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • a celebrity you would love to meet
I'll go first:
  • roses
  • lately I've been loving Young & Hungry (so funny!)
  • the dark and I'm not a fan of bugs (ew)
  • florals
  • Emma Stone
So who are you?

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  1. Martie @ SpunkyrellaSeptember 5, 2014 at 8:01 AM

    Neat idea!

    -blush peonies and succulents lately
    -The Mindy Project (thanks for hooking me up:) and The Hart of Dixie
    -Toads. Period.
    -I'd host a girls brunch. Invited are: Beyoncé, Mindy Kaling, Ellen Degeneres, Kayley Cuoco and Rachel Khoo


  2. Thats a really nice post idea , so my answers

    any white flower

    Packed to the rafters

    Very afraid of rats

    I would like to wear plain clothes, no prints

    I would love to meet robert pattison , a huge fan od him and kardashian's too , that will be interesting

    keep in touch

  3. YAY!
    Roses. Degrassi. Ending up alone. Leopard (of course!). Lady Gaga, duh!

  4. Fun! I've only been reading for a bit, so I missed the first round. My answers:
    Orchids - love how many varieties there are. I really can't get into Once Upon A Time. Terrified of spiders. Probably florals. I'd love to meet Amy Lee (the singer of Evanesence).

  5. I missed the first one too! But I'll definitely partake this time. What a fun idea!
    My favorite flowers are hydrangeas in any color. They're so full and beautiful. I love how so many small flowers make up one big bloom.My favorite TV show is Once Upon a Time. It combines my love of Disney with an adult show so I don't have to sneak around and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
    I'm afraid of loosing all my teeth.
    One print would be stripes because it's a print that varies so much.
    For my celebrity, I would love to meet... Meryl Streep. It would be a quick meet because I always dumb up when I meet anyone I admire. Even what could be considered smaller celebs-- or not quite celebs at all. I met the founder of Design*Sponge, Grace Bonney, once and I told she she was more famous than Brad Pitt in my world. She's amazing.

  6. Calla Lily
    Love Masterchef
    Anything bad happening to my daughter
    Based on my closet, I think I have to say stripes.
    I'd love to meet Ryan Hansen (Dick on Veronica Mars). He just seems like so much fun!

  7. Dear Sara, I love sunflowers but as I don't watch TV I don't have a beloved TV show :) I'm afraid of gossip and the print would be for sure stripes. Whom I want to meet? I think Karl Lagerfeld will be an interesting celebrity or Laetizia from Spain e. g.

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  8. White Hydrangeas
    Probably Big Bang Theory
    Snakes. I do not care if they are behind glass or "just a gardener snake"
    Margaret Atwood

  9. This is such a cool idea. Here are my answers:

    - Sunflowers
    - I've been really into Gravity Falls lately
    - Rollercoasters
    - Polka dots
    - Jason Segel

  10. So cool!
    I love tomato plants - growing them myself that is! I get a tiny bit obsessive over it in the summer..
    I don't actually own a tv but I do sneakily watch Mad Men when it's on. Joan is my hero.
    I'm afraid of dying without making something of myself. I want to live a life that someone could write a book about.
    One print? Ach that's hard. Maybe navy blue and white stripes. I love me some nautical.
    Do YouTube celebs count? I've do anything to meet Grace Helbig.

  11. This is so muc fun! Here are my answers too:

    your favorite flower or plant: Dark purple Tulips and daffodils (I can't choose)

    a TV show you love, or one that you hate: Revenge is the only one I watch.

    something you're afraid of: Heights! And not a little bit.

    if you could only wear one print for the rest of your life, what would it be? : Stripes.

    a celebrity you would love to meet: Jesse McCartney. I never got over him, hahahaha!

  12. What fun questions!

    My favorite flower is a plumeria.
    I love so many TV shows. Nothing beats Breaking Bad but lately I've been loving The Leftovers. Such a crazy and addicting show!
    I have reoccurring nightmares about bugs. Mainly spiders dropping down on me. Oh gosh...
    I'd probably pick stripes because I love them.
    And a celebrity, I've always wanted to spend a day with Taylor Swift. She just seems like such a sweet, fun person. Or Shay Carl because he's so uplifting! I'm sure he'd have some wise words to say!

  13. Great idea, dear! Have a nice weekend:)

  14. Plumeria's are so pretty! My brother's been watching The Leftovers and he says its really good! Yes to Taylor Swift! I love her!

  15. Dark purple tulips sound lovely! I stopped watching Revenge, but heard the last season was interesting. I should get back into it!

  16. That's awesome that you grow your own tomatoes! I would also love to make something of myself too! Grace Helbig is hilarious!

  17. Thanks! Sunflowers make me happy! Yay to polka dots and Jason Segel!

  18. I LOVE Big Bang Theory! I almost stepped a snake a few months ago when I was walking up a hill and screamed so loud! When I got to the top of the hill I started crying, which is so unlike me, and now I'm always nervous about grassy or wooded areas. So I understand your fear of snakes!

  19. I bet Karl Lagerfeld has some interesting stories!!

  20. Masterchef is the best! Veronica Mars was such a great show! And now I'm realizing that I never saw the new movie! I gotta get on that!

  21. I LOVE Once Upon A Time for the exact same reason! It's an adult show, but makes me feel like a kid again when I watch it! I think it would be amazing to meet Meryl Streep!

  22. I'm afraid of going blind too actually! I wear glasses and my prescription isn't that bad, but I worry that it's going to get worse and worse. :(

    Yay someone else who loves florals!

  23. Orchids are so beautiful! Amy Lee has an amazing voice!

  24. I knew you were going to say Degrassi!

  25. Thanks! I love peonies too! I totally should have said The Mindy Project! It's the best!! I also love Hart of Dixie! A brunch with those celebs sounds amazing!

  26. These types of posts are always so fun!
    1: Dahlias - I actually have some on my desk right now.
    2: Get Smart - I've watched it since I was little and it always makes me laugh
    3: Water, especially tidal waves; I'm actually really nervous about my trip to Hawaii this month!
    4: Leopard. No question about it.
    5: Ines de la Fressange - I'd want to go shopping with her :)

  27. I love learning about you-here are my responses to your questions!! :)

    1. hands down, peonies
    2. Just started watching Grey's this pas summer and I was addicted!
    3. being tickled under water...weird, I know
    4. navy and white stripes or anything with a Lilly Pulitzer print
    5. Leonardo DiCaprio ;)

  28. I absolutely love this post!

    1. Pink peonies
    2. Parks and Recreation
    3. Cockroaches
    4. Black and white stripes
    5. Bear Grylls

    Also, Emma Stone is a great answer. I would love to raid her wardrobe!

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  29. Ew to cockroaches! Yes to Parks and Rec!

  30. I understand the fear of being tickled under water. What if you breath in and choke and drown?! Totally understandable! Another fear of mine is being upside down in water.

  31. I love Get Smart! Water freaks me out too, so I completely understand. You'll be okay!

  32. Oooh! Yes, thanks for letting me know!

  33. This is so fun :)

    1. tulips
    2. just started Breaking Bad
    3. rodents
    4. houndstooth!
    5. I would DIE to meet Mindy Kaling!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  34. How fun. My answers are:

    1. I love green, leafy ferns and orchids.

    2. I love/hate Leave It To Beaver (I watch it to easily analyze sexism in TV then to compare with now).
    3. I'm afraid of making mistakes... I need to get over it.
    4. One print? Stripes or polka-dots. I can't separate them, can I have both?
    5. Amy Poehler! <3

  35. Fun!

    1. Lilies. Especially pink or purple ones.
    2. Really loving Outlander at the moment.
    3. Widespread public embarrassment.
    4. Probably polka dots. But something aztec-y/tribal was a close 2nd.
    5. TOO MANY. Absolute top of the list is tied between NPH, Nathan Fillion, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anna Kendrick.

  36. Daisies are so pretty! They always remind me of that line from You've Got Mail: "Daisies are the happiest flower." My mom and I are obsessed with food competition shows like Masterchef! Yes, Danielle Radcliffe would be fun to hang out with!

  37. Obsessed with Outlander too!! I hate being embarrassed and made to look like an idiot in front of people too. OMG! I would LOVE to meet Nathan Fillion!!

  38. Orchids are so beautiful! I don't like making mistakes only because I don't like when people think I'm an idiot. I need to get over that too! Can Amy Peohler be my big sister?

  39. I thought about that line from You've Got Mail while I was posting my comment. Haha!

  40. OMG yes to meeting Mindy Kaling! She's the best! :)

  41. your favorite flower or plant: Definitely roses
    a TV show you love, or one that you hate: anime would be Death Note, show would be Doctor Who
    something you're afraid of: -seeing- something like a spirit, not the actual spirit itself
    if you could only wear one print for the rest of your life, what would it be? Without a doubt - plaid
    a celebrity you would love to meet: Helena Bonham-Carter!

  42. - My favorite flower is probably a rose.
    - I love a ton of shows! But the first two that pop into my head are The Walking Dead and The Strain.
    - It sounds so cliche, but I'm afraid of failure. Someone mentioned making mistakes, I'm super afraid of that, too.
    - If I could only wear one print? Hmm. Maybe stripes or X's?
    - There are a ton of celebs I'd love to meet. But I've had a long-time crush on Jesse Metcalfe and I'm dying to meet him.

  43. -Yellow tulips are my favorite flower. I also love bamboo and keep two jars of live bamboo in my house. I treat them like they're my pets.

    - I love watching Cake Boss.

    -probably floral or animal print.

    - Taylor Swift or Katy Perry would be cool to meet. To be honest, I really don't look up to celebrities that much. I would be much more excited to have a conversation with someone super smart, or meet someone I admire.

  44. What a lovely concept. My favorite flower is a daisy, and I can't decide if my favorite show is Boardwalk Empire (for the history), or 30 Rock (Liz Lemon for life!). I am terrified of drowning. My favorite print? Stripes! I love anything striped. I want to meet Emma Watson and have tea.

  45. Can she be my big sister, too? I'm glad we're on the same page.


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