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Writing Blog Hop

I usually don't do blog hops (though funnily enough there's another one coming next week), but I had to do this one when I was tagged by Amy of Ten Penny Dreams (read her post). This blog hop is all about writing and since I like to think of myself as a writer (who's been slacking on the writing however) I wanted to participate.

What am I working on/writing? 

I'm working on two novels, though I like to think of one as "currently being written" and the other as "on hiatus." The first one I don't like to talk about too much because I'm protective of the plot (though you can read a little about it in this post and this post), but whenever anyone finds out that I'm writing a novel and ask what it's about I say it's an alternative history murder mystery.

The other story I'm working on is a YA/NA fantasy story about a young woman in New York City who realizes that she can manipulate all of the objects around her and turn them into anything she wants. Not only that, but there are more people who can do the same. There are two main groups of these people and when she discovers that the man who murdered her mother belongs to one group, she joins the other. There's more to the story than that, but that's the general gist of it. 

How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

With the first novel, my writing differs because it's more lighthearted. Murder mysteries are usually very gritty and dark, but since it's more about the two main characters friendship it's not a dark, fast-paced thriller. I want to say it's more like an adventure story. 

The second novel is different than other YA (young adult) stories because I would also call it NA (new adult, which is for twenty-somethings). The main character, Morgan, is in college and I don't shy away from sex and violence, but in a way that caters to feminism. Morgan knows what she wants and goes after it. She has sex and doesn't feel guilty about it. There are fight scenes between men and women and it's not a big deal. I haven't seen that in other YA, but I haven't read every YA book.

Why do I write what I do?

I started writing fantasy because it's what I love reading. I love the escapism and writing it also an escape for me. Who wouldn't want to get caught up in a world similar to ours but still different? Both of the stories I'm writing have strong elements of that. One is based in reality and one is fantasy, but they are both our world with differences.  

The first novel is a departure from what I normally write and read, but it's an important story to me and something that I think should be written and read. That probably sounds really arrogant. If I went into more details about it, I'm sure most of you would agree. Guess you'll just have to wait until I've finished it. *insert winking emoji here*

I write the second story because I like the plot and the characters and I find it fun to write. 

How does my writing process work?

To be honest: slowly. Though that's no one's fault but my own. I started the fantasy story back in my sophomore year of college, so that's seven years ago. Granted, it's been on hold for several years now because I started the murder mystery in my last year of college (four years ago). 

In terms of actual writing, when I sit down to write I'll read over the last few paragraphs of what I just read to get back into it and the notes I left myself. (At the end of a writing session, I jot down what I need to write next.) Then I'll start writing. If I'm feeling really inspired I'll just keep writing and writing, but if I'm having trouble with it then I might edit sentences as I go. Sometimes just staring off and "writing" the narration in my head helps. 

I enjoy writing with pen and paper at times because I don't feel like it has to be perfect. Something about writing on a computer makes me want all of my writing to be instantly amazing and it never is. 

After writing several chapters or after getting past a certain part in the plot, I like to print it all out and edit it with a colorful pen (usually purple or green). It's easier to spot mistakes when it's physically in front of me.

I tag:
My Life as a Teacup and Sonya Cheney!

Are any of you writers?
What do you write and what's your process?

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  1. i can't wait to read your novels!

  2. I really enjoy reading about the writing process of others. You should post here some of your pieces; I write sometimes even though I´m far from being a writer ;)

  3. I love this hop. I enjoy seeing what others do. Plus gives me advice on how I can do things better.

  4. Thank you for sharing so much with us! I am a new readers and I am very excited for your posts to come!

  5. Dear Sara, as I'm still convinced that you have a huge talents in writing I wish you further many success <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  6. I hope to participate in NANOWRIMO coming up in November! I already have a rough outline of what I'm going to do made! It's a tough thing to complete, but I want to try! I also love to edit with fun colored pens! :)

  7. "I enjoy writing with pen and
    paper at times because I don't feel like it has to be perfect. Something
    about writing on a computer makes me want all of my writing to be
    instantly amazing and it never is." - I could not agree with you more!! It's exactly why I love to hand write first drafts (or at least big chunks of them).

  8. What a great post!!!!!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  9. I'm always very interested in the writing processes of others. I relate a lot to your statement about feeling like what you type out on a computer has to be perfect. I usually hand-write rough drafts, type them out, and print them so I can proofread and make changes with colored pens, like you.

    I'm currently working on a fictional/comedic novel about working in retail. It's loosely based on my own experience working as a shift supervisor in a grocery store for four years. I also started a zombie novel way back in high school, but at this point I consider that an abandoned project, unfortunately.

  10. I find it fascinating that you also write with a pen and paper. I've been wanting to keep a journal regularly but I am an "out of sight, out of mind" person. Until I have a bedside table where I can keep it handy, it stays under our bed and I forget about it! I hope to keep a better record of life once we move and are finally able to start a life with our own personal space!

    Your novels sound so interesting! I wish you the best of luck with your writing :)

  11. I have had two stories in my head for so long, both that I think about often and want to write, I just never do. One is a Vampire story that's modern but more Anne Rice than Stephanie Meyer, the other is about a young girl who reaches the stars while dreaming and her dreamworld starts blending with her real world. I also write fanfiction, as of right now, Death Note fanfiction.

  12. I love all of the different forms this blog hop is taking - I have seen it for artists, scrapbookers, and now for writers! I'm going to have to take part, I think. Thanks for sharing! I love reading about other writers.

  13. Yes, you should definitely do the blog hop! I would love to see your answers!

  14. I need to get better at writing everyday! I haven't written in far too long, but I keep thinking about it I find it easier to write an outline of the story before actually writing. Somehow it's not as scary as actually sitting down and "writing." Good luck!

  15. Maybe you should put your journal under your pillow that way you'll feel it before you go to sleep and remember that you need to write! Unless you have very fluffy pillows and wouldn't feel it haha! Thank you!

  16. Great ideas!! I love stories about the workplace, especially if they're comedic in tone! Never consider any project abandoned! I thought I had abandoned my first project (the YA one), but went back to it later and now it's just on haitus until I finish my other one. You never know when you'll want to get back to it or when inspiration will strike! Good luck!

  17. Thank you!! I find writing pours out of me easier when I put pen to paper! I'm not so caught up in the language as I am with the story! Good luck to you too! :)

  18. I should try that! Last year it was too hard to do it because it was my last semester of grad school, but I think this year will be A LOT easier!

  19. Thank you so much!! I hope I could help a little! :)

  20. I've posted some poems and a short story or two before actually. You can see it in the "my writing" tab. That's a good idea though -- maybe I'll post the prologue of my current novel.

  21. I loved learning more about the books you're working on, and your thought process behind your ideas! Fascinating! I would consider myself a writer but...not working on any books. Yet.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  22. Ok, I just found it I will look at it for sure ;)


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