Wednesday, December 16, 2015

6 Bookstagrammers You Should Follow

As you know, book anything is my jam. Books themselves, movies based on books (sometimes), booktube, and #bookstagram. If you're new to the phrase, bookstagram is bookish pictures on Instagram. But most bookstagrammers don't just put down their copy of a book and snap a picture. Oh no. These awesome book nerds take it to a whole new level, so if you like your bookstagram pictures to look like carefully curated art, then these are six accounts you should follow. 

ONE | ursula_uriate
The Holy Grail of bookstagram! I absolutely swoon over Ursula of @ursula_uriate's pictures every time one pops up on my Instagram feed because they are pure bookish pleasure! She just has a way with artfully arranging her books and the fact that she has an obsession with Alice in Wonderland means her pictures have a whimsical feel. 

TWO | bookloversnest
Allison of @bookloversnest loves YA books just as much as I do and every time one of her pictures comes up I find a new book I want to read. I adore how bright and colorful her feed is; it's like a rainbow of bookishness. And she's also a writer!

THREE | bookotter
How cool are these pictures? Liza of @bookotter has a wonderfully minimalist picture style that to me evokes a Gothic feel (check out more of her pictures to see what I mean). She arranges flowers and leaves and objects like a pro. It helps that we have the same taste in books. 

FOUR | twirlingpages
Can I please have her room? Alexandra of @twirlingpages not only reads the best books (totally jealous of the awesome ARCs that she gets), but her gallery wall is to die for and she's a freaking ballerina! I love that her Instagram feed has a feminine feel it it. 

FIVE | booksandteacups_
Hodan of @booksandteacups_'s combines two fantastic things: books and food! She makes me wish I could eat breakfast in bed every single morning while reading. And everything she eats looks so delicious too. 

SIX | foldedpagesdistillery
Hikari of @foldedpagesdistillery's collection of mugs, bookmarks, candles, bookish jewelry, and Harry Potter gear is seriously swoon-worthy. I wish I had a million dollars so I could have the same collection of awesome things. I love that she includes objects that have something to do with the book. Everything she adds is so clever, especially when you've read the book and understand why she included it. 

Honorary mention: @bookwormboutique makes the BEST book nerd items!

Which bookstagrammers do you follow?

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