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BeauCoo: A Body Positive (#BoPo) Community

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BeauCoo is an inspiring, non-judgmental, body-positive (#BoPo) place where women can share their outfits and recent fashion finds. It's not just an app or website, it's a community for women that focuses on feeling good while also looking good. We all want to look good, but I've always believed that looking good comes from feeling good about ourselves too. 

It's so refreshing to go onto the BeauCoo app and find women who are the same size as me. It makes me feel included instead of insecure about not being skinny. While I love Instagram and Pinterest, all I see are skinny girls in beautiful clothes who make me feel bad about the body I have. Those thoughts of, "Why don't you look like them? Why aren't you thin?" start to invade my mind. When I go onto BeauCoo for outfit inspiration, it genuinely makes me feel amazing to see women who look like me. If those lovely ladies who have the same measurements that I do are confident, then it shows that I can also be just as fierce and self-assured. 

BeauCoo makes me feel honored to have this busty, curvy, petite body of mine!
Not only does the BeauCoo website and app, and the women who use it, inspire me, but they also give me new ways to dress myself every morning. If a dress looks good on someone with the same measurements, there's a pretty good chance that the same dress or a similar-looking one would look good on me too. BeauCoo is helpfully ridding us of the problem of ordering ill-fitting clothes online by having its members show us what size to get before clicking the buy button.

You can post your own outfit photos to hopefully inspire someone else, and can also include fitting room pictures to rave about a particular piece or warn people before buying something. Wouldn't you like to know if that shirt you've been eyeing fits wonderfully, or if it's too tight in the arms? I sure would. 

You can "like" other people's photos and even "want" what their wearing, so that you have inspiration for later. One of the best things about the app is that you can browse by fit match (you know if the person is a fit match if they have the little pink measuring tape in the corner), by everyone, or by clothing type. BeauCoo makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. 
As part of BeauCoo's devotion to body positivity, they have started The Stories Project, a place where women share inspiring stories and messages. In these videos, women reveal their poignant and at times funny thoughts on clothes, media, and self-image to encourage others to live a more body positive life. 

I want to invite you all to take the #BoPo Pledge! What is the #BoPo Pledge? On BeauCoo's site, it says: 
By signing the Body Positive Pledge, you agree promote acceptance and to be a body positive warrior. To stand up against body shaming, stand up for women and share the message to anyone and everyone you can. 
Take the #BoPo Pledge here and watch the video on the meaning of body positivity!

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Will you be downloading the app? 
Have you taken the #BoPo Pledge?

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  1. how great is this?! anything that promotes positive, self reinforcement is something i'm on board with too Sara! that Audrey Hepburn quote in the video is spot on, i've seen the prettiest girls disappear before my eyes when i hear the negative things that come out of their mouths. this post is full of insp, thanks for sharing.

  2. You are beautiful! It's nice to see sites that promote healthy sizes. I feel like we see too-skinny models far too often. Thanks for sharing!

  3. this sounds awesome, i think I'm going to join!

  4. I've never heard of this but it sounds like such a great idea.

  5. Such a fan of Beaucoo and their message!

  6. It is! It's a great place for inspiration and to feel good about yourself!

  7. Thanks so much! That's exactly why I love this app!

  8. To me, you look beautiful. I mean I admire how each dress fits you perfectly, I admire your style, your fashion taste and I looove your blog already. With what I've seen, you take colours and merge them appropriately. Isn't that the beauty reflecting through you? Aha!:)

    I don't know about the app but if the theme is to encourage, then that's cool. I feel the media has a role to also play in the way we see things hence the 'skinny is beautiful' message which makes people feel bad about themselves.

    Your button is for keeps!!!

  9. your blog button is not working on my blog :(

  10. Which one? Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Thank you!! Very well said! I love that BeauCoo is about encouraging women to feel beautiful no matter what they're size is!

  12. The one with the image of you on it.


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