Saturday, October 26, 2013


I did really good at the start of the week; did my exercises and drank lots of water, but I didn't do so well at the end of this week. I was busy and forgot to drink from my large bottle of water, but since today is the end of this week I'm going to do two or three of the exercises to make up for it. I got to sweat it up! 

I wanted to show you what I wear when I exercise, but of course I forgot to take pictures. Next week I'll show you my exercise gear.  

Goal: Exercise even when I don't want to! Power through it!

This Week: I need to keep my ice trays full, so I can have ice cold water (my favorite) and then I'll actually want to drink my water! 

Weight: 126

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  1. Exercising when you don't want to is the hardest thing! If I don't have a set schedule, it just doesn't happen.

  2. Ugh, so true! Sometimes I feel like I need a drill sergeant to yell at me to make me actually exercise!

  3. i always find that its so hard to get off my butt and work out, but once i actually do it if feel really good!

  4. Oh, it happens with me all the time , I think I"ll drink lot of water and do my workout but everything is gone with a day or two..
    I need to buck up .,

  5. Reason #42 of why I need to join a gym. I need someone to yell at me and be mean to make me do things.


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