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Sponsor Spotlight: The Biker Store

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Around this time last month, a dear friend of mine told me to read some romantic biker novels, I pretty much laughed in her face… bikers + romance = non-existent and boring!

Boy was I wrong…

After some convincing by this friend of mine, who is actually motorcycle crazy, I browsed online and found two romantic biker novels that captured my attention. The novels that I chose were Undeniable and Unbeautifully, both by Madeline Sheehan. Now I can’t imagine many people knowing this author or these books but by god she and they should have been the top of New York Times best sellers. They were heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time playing with my emotions like a yo-yo. Now I know just why my friend kept pestering me to read them.

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

There are actually five of these books with Undeniable being the first. The story is based around two characters, Eve Fox and Deuce West (good biker name right?), two motorcycle enthusiasts who have grown up in different motorcycle clubs and enter into a complex love scenario. Words truly fail me to describe the intensity and emotional factors this story projects... simply WOW! The synopsis actually came with a warning which was interesting and immediately drew my attention. Now I know why it came with a warning, my heart was having tremors and my eyes ran out of tears by the end of the book.

Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

This is the second of the series and equally as good as the first, if not better. Sheehan has done an amazing job of continuing the story but at the same time making it new and fresh. This time the story is based around Deuce West’s daughter, Danny West and a Sergeant of Arms, Ripper Jacobs. I thought that the first book in the series was intense but somehow Sheehan turned up the dial of intensity with Unbeautifully. This book was full of pain and suffering and my heart truly bled for both Danny and Ripper… why had I never read this before!?

Give Me More Biker Romance

It’s official… I am now a fan of biker romance novels and a fan of Madeline Sheehan. I will most certainly be one of the first in line to buy her next book, Unattainable, when it’s released in October 2013.

This was written by Michelle Murphy from The Biker Store, an online motorcycle clothing store.

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