Friday, April 15, 2016

Inspired By: When Calls The Heart

You know when you just need to watch something super cheesy and predictable and romantic? Well, if you're in that mood then I recommend When Calls The Heart. It's a Hallmark Channel show, so at times it's melodramatic and a little ridiculous, but in the best way possible. One episode in and I was addicted. 

The show follows Elizabeth, a rich young woman who moves West in 1910 to be a school teacher in a small mining town in Canada. There she is challenged in several ways by small-town life and the people there, especially the new Constable Jack Thornton of the Mounted Police. 

The first two seasons are available on Netflix. 

When Calls The Heart -- Elizabeth

Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) is a headstrong, risilient, stubborn, kind, and incredibly smart young woman who moves away from her high-class life in the East with her parents and sisters to be a teacher in a small town in the West. She's unaccostumed to this tougher life, but Abigail helps her adjust and gives her advice.

Elizabeth loves pastels, so bring 1910 style into 2016 with soft colors for spring. Wear a lavender dress, pink cardigan, leaf bracelet, and nude wedges. Or try on a white blouse tucked into a purple lace skirt, watch, and nude flats. 

When Calls The Heart -- Jack
Constable Jack (Daniel Lissing) is caring, kind, hardworking, and has a strong sense of justice. He comes to Coal Valley on assignment and immediately wants to leave, especially since he and Elizabeth don't get along at first.

Adjust Jack's Mouned Police uniform for the office by throwing on a red blazer, blue top, black trousers, and brown boots. Or go casual in a light chambray top, distressed denim, teal watch, and blue sneakers. 

When Calls The Heart -- Abigail
After Abigail's husband and son died in a mining accident, she felt lost until Elizabeth came to town and offered her friendship. Later on, Abigail opens a restaurant in town and it's a huge hit. She's motherly and kind and offers advice to everyone and tells it like it is.

Dress like Abigail by wearing a black top, printed kimono, yellow lace skirt, and blue flats. Or instead put on a printed teal blouse, dark green skirt, and black booties. 

When Calls The Heart -- Rosemary
Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) was an actress on Broadway, but comes to town to reunite with Jack after two years. She's dramatic, loud, and self-centered, but ultimately good-natured.

Rosemary likes A LOT of pink, so throw on a pink moto jacket, a t-shirt with "basic just won't do" since she could never be basic, jeans, and pink flats. Or maybe a pink lace top, black skirt, red crossbody bag, and pink heels.

Have you seen this show? 

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