Friday, April 8, 2016

Fitness Wishlist

There's something about going to the gym regularly (three times a week!) that makes me feel like an actual adult. It's probably the fact that I'm making my health a priority and taking care of myself. Adulting for the win! But man this exercise thing is hard. Most days, I want to give up after five minutes, but I power through because I want to see results, because I'm always happy I did it afterwards, because I don't want to let myself down, and because my friend Avra is there encouraging me. (Thanks, girl!) 

And because we've become such gym rats, I've gotten a lot more fitness gear. Recently I bought some new sneakers from Payless, got a new sports bra, and a new peacock feather water bottle, but there's so much great fitness stuff out there. I love my water bottle, but the blue one featured below has space for I.D. and a locker key, which is pretty handy. And I LOVE those floral headphones! Do you go to the gym or are you more of a yoga person or a runner? 
Fitness Wishlist

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In my spare time, I am the designer behind tiny wishes designs, an Etsy shop that features hand painted, heat cured glassware and jewelry. Each piece of painted glassware is created for the buyer, and is custom. AND if you go visit and see something that you like, use HAPPYSPRING for 30% off! 

Happy Friday!

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