Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Outfit: The Long (And Short) Of It

Here's a statement that won't shock anyone: I love cardigans! I wear them all year round because they're cute, cozy, come in every color of the rainbow, and give me that nerdy flair I adore. I do however seem to wear cardigans more in the spring and summer since they're easy to throw on when there's a slight chill in the air. This burgundy one is my latest cardigan addition and it's super soft. Is there anything better than clothing that's soft? I think not.

I've decided to make this going to be a graphic novel reading month! I'm still planning on reading A Study in Charlotte and The Winner's Kiss, but I also want to read The Woods, Low, Black Science, Descender, Paper Girls, and Rat Queens. I'm also reading two maniscripts this month, one written by my friend Rachel and the other by my cousin Marcos. His novel, Beyond Citadel, is actually coming out on Amazon on May 6th. 
Cardigan: Wet Seal | Top: old | Jeans: Hollister | Flats: Payless

Do you like graphic novels? 

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