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Sponsor Spotlight: A Hundred Tiny Wishes + Giveaway

Hey there Sincerely, Sara readers! 
I am Tabitha, and I write over at a hundred tiny wishes. Sara has graciously allowed me to take over her blog for the day, and I am here to talk about some classic novels... and give you all a chance to win a nice little giveaway package. 

One might say that to be considered a classic novel, it must also be unanimously classified as a great literary creation. I disagree. I believe that classic novels are those that you are able to make a connection with, and after reading they have shaped you in such a way that you start to question the world around you. They are the ones that even fifty years after publication, people are still picking them up to read and falling in love with them all over again. Along with being able to stand the test of time, a classic novel must also be easily readable. Sure, there can be some parts that are just downright confusing, but for the general public, who are not English Lit majors, the novel itself should be at least at a 9th grade reading level. Today, I am sharing five of my favorite classic novels that I believe everyone should read at once in their lifetime.

1 | To Kill a Mockingbird (1960)
Harper Lee
A fixture on all high school reading lists, To Kill A Mockingbird is set in a small town in Alabama in the 1930s, and makes readers question their own humanity while the narrator, six-year-old “Scout”, explains southern racism from the eyes of a child.

2 | Of Mice & Men (1937)
John Steinbeck
In less than 200 pages, Steinbeck tells the story of mentally disabled Lennie and his best friend/ somewhat caretaker, George. Set in 1930s California, the two are migrant workers, who aspire to be more than "help".  The story focuses on loneliness, compassion, and

3 | The Great Gatsby (1925)
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Set in the Jazz age during prohibition, The Great Gatsby is about the wealthy Jay Gatsby, his long lost love, Daisy, and the extravagant parties that he throws in hopes to reunite with her. The book explores the world of social politics, resistance to change, and of course, the American dream.

4 | Pride & Prejudice (1813)
Jane Austen
Austen writes about Elizabeth Bennett, a lively, intelligent, twenty-year-old with four sisters, living in England, in the 19th century. The book puts a great deal of focus on manners, the fact that even though she does not want to, Elizabeth must adhere to certain societal expectations, and of course, putting pride and prejudice aside to succumb to love.

5 | Charlotte’s Web (1952)
A popular children's bedtime book, Charlotte's Web, details the relationship between a pig, Wilbur, and a barn spider, Charlotte. The story truly evokes magic, imagination, and child-like understanding, while exploring humanity, compassion, and love.

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Terms & Conditions: 
*Giveaway runs from 4/18/16 @12a to 4/25/16 @12am. 
*Winner will be verified.
*Giveaway only open to residents of the Continental United States (I'm sorry international friends, but shipping is super expensive).

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