Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Outfit: Blush & Burgundy

Have you ever seen that old book from the 80s about seasonal color analysis? It's all about finding the right season of colors that you look best in. I've honestly never thought much about it since I just wear whatever colors I like, but my mom has always gone by it. She never wears navy or gray because she's autumn, which means she wears a lot of warm, golden colors. I like how I look in both bright colors and jewel tones, which means I could be either winter or spring. But according to my hair color, jewelry preference (silver), and the vein test, I'm winter. Do you know what season you are? (Find out here!)

I got into another car accident. (I swear I'm a good driver!) I was stopped at a red light in the middle lane when a truck pulled up into the right lane and got a little too close. The most shocking part was how loud it was. Maybe because it was late at night and no one was around on this normally busy street, but the metal ripping metal was almost thunderous. Our two vehicles even got stuck together and when he pulled his truck back he ripped part of my back bumper off. Of course, there's hardly a scratch on his truck. Luckily everyone is fine and I had three friends there with me to help out. The guy felt so bad that he even changed my tire since it got punctured. All in all, not horrible and it's just a car, but it's an annoyance I didn't want to have to deal with. 
Cardigan: Wet Seal | Top: via Poshmark | Bag: Target
Jeans: Hollister | Flats: DSW {similar}

Do you know what season you are?

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