Monday, November 4, 2013

Fifteen Weird Things About Me

So I thought I would share a few random things about myself today for no reason other than I thought it would be fun! It's pretty hard to get to know someone when you only see them through a computer screen. You don't know my mannerisms or how I'm always touching my hair if it's down or that I make jokes when the conversation feels awkward, so I figured this might help you get to know me more. 

Or you can check out my Q&A over here

1. I can't sleep on sheets (for some reason I find them uncomfortable), so instead sleep on a soft blanket, while also having a blanket over me of course.

2. I touch my nose a lot. Not in a finger up my nose way. I have an oily nose, which isn't helped by the fact that I wear glasses, so I tend to wipe the top of my nose (the part that my glasses sit on) to get rid of the oil. It's a weird habit that I should probably stop.

3. I don't like peanut butter. Or mushrooms. Or olives. Or most red meat. I have the occasion hamburger and strip of bacon though. 

4. I prefer to write with black pens, which is why my username when I wrote Harry Potter fan fiction was blackink8922

5. My favorite scents are light and musky with a hint of floral. 

6. Before I go to sleep, I like to read the articles on the TV Guide app. You know how much I love TV, so is it any surprise? I love reading about my favorite shows. (And getting my Entertainment magazine is a highlight of my week.) I also loving reading novels in bed. It's so relaxing being snuggled up with a good book.  

7. I could re-watch Harry Potter, Letters to Juliet, Stardust, Pitch Perfect, Ever After, Tangled, and Pride & Prejudice a million times and never get bored. I'm not a super romantic person, but I just love these movies so much!

8. I need to write down any ideas that come my way immediately or they're gone for good. 

9. I don't know how to bake cookies or muffins or anything since the oven has been broken in my apartment since I was little, which means my mom never taught me. I guess this means I have to teach myself. 

10. Singing in my car to the radio makes me happy. I don't care if people see me singing. I'll never see those people again. Unless I do, and then I'm sure it would be awkward, but luckily that's never happened. 

11. Singing about random things in my life like Jess of New Girl also makes me happy. :)

12. I can see blood in person and be fine, but seeing blood on TV totally creeps out. I have no idea why. 

13. If my to-do list or any notes are messily written, I have to re-write them to make them look neat and pretty. 

14. I like reading while on the toilet. Yep, you read that right. I tend to get an upset stomach a lot, so my solution is to sit and read until everything's better. Plus, no one can bother you or burst in while you're in the bathroom. 

15. I'm addicted to using lip balm! All.the.time. My new favorite is eos' pomegranate raspberry lip balm. The sphere shape is really awesome. 

What are some weird things about you?

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  1. Haha, I can relate to many things you wrote down here! Me too, I prefer writting with black pens, I hate how blue ink looks on the paper!
    And I think I have read and seen Harry Potter series many times more than any normal person! :D
    This was a fun post, I really enjoyed reading it! :)
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  2. #8 and 13 - Me too!!!
    #11 - LOL

  3. I had no idea you don't like TV blood! that's weird you are ok with real blood but not fake blood. But you are my bestie because you are weird like me!

  4. This was such a fun post! I can't stand the sight of blood in real life or on tv...if a tv show is really graphic with the blood, I can't watch it.

    The Tiny Heart
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  5. I must say that we are very similar, I touch my nose for the same reason. Oil
    Love to sing with radio in car, read in toilet
    And don't like peanut butter

  6. You're so right - it's hard to really get to know someone digitally, without seeing their mannerisms or getting to know their habits. This post was great for that. And it's kind of funny to read about the oven in your apartment. We didn't have an oven when we lived in Paris and everyone asked how we could live, but, well, you just do!

  7. I can totally relate to number 8! hehe.

  8. I hate lip balk, but 14 = yes, 5 = yes and 4 = yes! Blue ink is so school-y haha! :D Okay, I'm enjoying this post too much, haha.

  9. Yay, I'm glad you like this post! It was fun talking about the weird things about myself! haha!

  10. I'm glad you liked this post! I would probably think the same if I hadn't lived without an oven for so long!

  11. I'm glad you liked this post! Thanks!

  12. Glad you liked #11! Thanks, Aline!

  13. I love re-reading the Harry Potter series so much! My favorite is the 3rd so I pretty much read it every year!

  14. I always love reading things like this- it's so much fun to get to know a blogger a little bit better :)

  15. I enjoyed reading this list. Number 14 made me laugh. I think most people do this, but I have to say, this is the first time I've seen someone admit it over the internet.

  16. I don't like mushrooms, olives, or red meat either :) I like your list!


  17. OMG my boyfriend is the same with the sleeping on no sheets. He hates it but I make him. lol. Love this post

    xo Mel

    turquoise blonde

  18. Number 11 is so me! I love to make up songs about what I'm doing.

  19. hahaha. I love this!! I'm especially with you on #6 and #8. And I love your honesty on #14. lol. You're awesome, Sara.

  20. I love, love, love this idea. And I swear we're somehow related/blogger soul mates. I kept thinking "I do that too!" with each item on your list. I can't stand flat sheets and I'm a lip balm addict too (I actually have the pomegranate raspberry eos on my desk at the moment!)

  21. This is a great post Sara. I am so glad that I get to know you a little more now. Number 13 is definitely me. I don't like peanut butter and meat. In fact I am a vegeterian. Number 9 was very suprising. I could re-watch those movies too.I write down everything, you already know that I am a list addict.

  22. Ahhhh, you're amazing! I love this post. I highly disliked sheets for a long time! I can't cook, or bake, either. I can't wait to learn, though my first attempts have been, um... bad. Mushroom? Olive? No, thank you. I'm okay with PB, and I don't mind red meat whatsoever as long as it's cooked really, really well. BLACK INK! YES! Even when using my quill, though I want to try purple.

    I loved watching the TV Guide (the scroll-y one) as a kid, and now I often check the weather before bed. It's soothing, for some reason. Oh, and I also sing about everything and always have, and yep... Bathroom reader. XD

    I loved reading more about you, Sara! You rock for sharing this.

  23. I loved watching the TV Guide thing too! It always so annoying when you missed the channel you wanted to see and had to wait for it to scroll back lol! Thanks so much!!

  24. It's always good being a list addict!

  25. I love the idea of being blogger soul mates! That's awesome! That eos just tastes so amazing that sometimes I can't help but lick my lips and want to eat the lip balm lol!

  26. Yay for TV addicts! Nope no PB or sheets for me! :)

  27. Well, that's me, admitting things that no one else will lol! Thanks!


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