Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sponsor Sincerely, Sara!

Sponsor Sincerely, Sara this month if you want to promote your blog or small business to readers who love fashion, books, movies, writing, DIY, and being inspired every day. Take a look at my sponsor page for more info.

If you decide to sponsor me, I will post on Twitter and Facebook several times a week about your blog or business. You would also have the option to host a giveaway and/or have a guest post. 

Since my two year blogiversary is coming up (November 30th!), I've decided to give out a discount code! 
Get 20% off the Book Ad and Sentence Ad with code SINCERELYTWO!

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  1. I always forget we started our blogs so close together. I feel like we are in our late tweties and both gave birth around the same time, and now our kids have birthdays close together :-P

  2. Haha, that would be awesome! Yeah, it does feel like that!


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