Book Goals
Read 32 books this year (updated to 45!)
Currently up to 80 books read this year!

 26 Before 27
1. Finish the first draft of my new story
2. Cut out soda for at least one month
3. Keep drinking at least two glasses of water a day
4. Learn easy smoothie recipes
5. See the Brooklyn Bridge
6. Take a trip somewhere, anywhere
7. Meet Martie
8. Have a group giveaway on my blog
9. Get an e-course on photography
10. Take a short blog break 
11. Get rid of things in my room that don't bring me joy
12. Get my underarms and legs waxed once because why not
13. Use up some candles I've had forever
14. Get a gel manicure 
15. Get the new illustrated Harry Potter (!!!)
16. Attend at least one day of BEA in 2016
17. Cut myself some slack
18. Take a day trip somewhere
19. Keep up my correspondence with my pen pals
20. Go to the farmers' market
21. Complete Code Academy
22. Listen to all the current episodes of Welcome to Night Vale
23. Try any exercise class 
24. Go to two author readings
25. Write two short stories
26. Meet another blog friend IRL 

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