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Sincerely, Sara is growing everyday and reaching new readers on a daily basis! I blog five days a week about personal style, books, entertainment, outfits inspired by everything and anything, my thoughts, reviewing products, and the things that inspire me.

Statistics (as of June, 2015):
  • 1000+ page views a day
  • 35,000+ page views a month
  • 1,406 Bloglovin followers
  • 328 Google Friend Connect followers
  • 730 Facebook followers
  • 1,285 Twitter followers
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♥ Kristen of My Life as a Teacup
Sara puts such energy and effort into actively promoting your blog, through various posts, mentions, and social media. It never feels pushy from a reader's standpoint; each mention feels genuine and organic, and Sara's enthusiasm shines through - you can tell she really enjoys spreading the word about her sponsors. She's incredibly willing to work with you and any ideas you might have, and stays in constant communication throughout the sponsorship period. Sara truly goes above and beyond!

♥ Amy of Ten Penny Dreams:
It’s been a pleasure to work with Sara this past month, she’s been incredibly friendly and professional in managing my sponsorship. I feel that she has genuinely connected with me as a sponsor, reading my blog posts on a regular basis, leaving insightful comments and sharing them with her social networks in a subtle and organic way. She has also been flexible in constructing a sponsorship package, working with me to build something that is most suitable for my business and the needs of her readers. I will definitely be advertising on Sincerely, Sara again in the future. Thanks so much Sara!

♥ Janet of House of Garland
Sara has been extremely helpful at promoting my new brand. She actively helped me spread the word via different social media channels during my sponsorship period.  I am very grateful that she would refresh her readers' memories by mentioning my brand here and there in her posts. I have worked with several bloggers and Sara, by far, has been the most helpful and genuinely interested in helping me out. I definitely look forward to more collaborations with Sara in the near future!

♥ Kate of Clear the Way:
Sponsoring Sara was so simple and such a delightful experience. She really builds relationship with her sponsors so it was a fun, interactive experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

♥ Tranae of Becoming Fabulous:
Sara has been an absolute joy to work with this month. She is very attentive and was helpful in promoting my blog on various social media platforms. I can't wait to work with her again. 

♥ Jess of Bookworms in Dresses:
I've loved sponsoring Sincerely, Sara! She's so sweet and friendly! Not to mention she's always helping promote you at every turn! 

♥ Miche of Buttons and Birdcages:
Working with Sara was awesome! She was constantly retweeting/commenting/promoting my blog throughout the month and it really made the experience personal and fun, I will definitely be working with her again in the future!

♥ Chelsea of Chels & The City:
Sponsoring Sara's blog was great! I loved that she allowed me to do a guest post on whatever content I wanted and did a lot of promotion for me through Pinterest. Pinterest seems like the easiest way to promote your blog, but so many of us forget to do it and with Sara helping promote through that medium was so helpful. During the time that I sponsored Sara's blog, Pinterest was my second highest referral source to my blog, and I'm sure that a lot of that had to do with Sara. I'd highly suggest sponsoring her blog to grow your own!

♥ Charlotte of Charlotte Steggz:
Being on Sara's blog was so much fun. The boost I got from her plugs was really rewarding, and the guest post I wrote helped me widen my blogging boundaries as I blogged about something outside my usual zone. Sara is the sweetest person, and it's just wonderful when it's possible to work with someone so sincere and kind. Thank you Sara!

♥ Llinos of The Lilac Linnet:

I really enjoyed sponsoring Sara's blog.  She responded to e-mails quickly and we arranged my guest post with ease.  Sara offers great value for money and I would happily work with her again.

♥ Ashley (reader):
I came across your blog about 8 months ago and have been reading daily since! I love when you do outfits based on books, I'm a very avid reader too. I also love how your outfits are things that I can actually afford. I can't wait to continue reading. 

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Sincerely, Sara
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