Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inspired By: January Best Selling Book Covers

New year, new best sellers! I love seeing what new books are coming out and it's interesting to see which books make it to the best seller list, though it's pretty obvious that anything Oprah gives her seal of approval on will automatically climb the charts. I haven't read any of the books below, but The Husband List and Building Stories are officially on my TBR (to be read) list.

Tenth of December
Inspired By: Tenth of December Book Cover
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Written by George Sanders, this book is a collection of short stories that explore morality, second chances, love, loss, despair, and what it means to be human. Unlike the cover, life is not always so black and white. To take inspiration from the book cover, slip into a black and white shift dress. Add a black blazer, burganzy bow belt, white star ring, red stud earrings, and cool zippered heels to complete the look. Or go more casual in a striped top, comfy cardigan, black jeans, red bracelet, black watch, and spiked loafers.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

The Husband List
Inspired By: The Husband List Book Cover
Written by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly, this historical romance is set in New York City in 1894 and follows Caroline Maxwell, who would rather travel the world with her brother, Eddie, and his friend, Jack Culhane, but instead she's at home fighting off suitors. Though he would be an unacceptable suitor because of his new money and no title, Caroline can't stop thinking about Jack.
Perfect for Valentine's Day, dress like the cover by wearing a white lace dress, baroque jacket, heart necklace, and floral heels for some print mixing. Or put in a burgandy coat, white blouse, gold baroque-inspired pants, heart ring, and burgandy booties.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
Inspired By: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie Book Cover
Written by Ayana Mathis, this novel is Oprah's newest book club pick. It's about Hattie Shepherd, who in 1923 flees Georgia for Philadelphia in the hopes that she will find a better life. But after marrying a man who brings her disappointment and watching her two firstborn twins die of an illness, Hattie raises her next nine children by being harsh and distant, so that they will be prepared for life's difficulties.
Go ombre, like the cover, with a ombre colorblocked dress, brown faux leather jacket, beaded necklace, and brown heels. Or by wearing ombre shorts with a white lace top, orange bracelet, brown flats, and a fun bow backpack. The ombre print is for the character Hattie, who must make tough decisions, but does so with strength.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

Building Stories
Inspired By: Building Stories Book Cover
Written by Chris Ware, this graphic novel is more like a piece of art and a game mixed into one. This book is compromised of 14 seperate pieces (broadsheets, booklets, etc.) that tell the whole story of a nameless young woman who lives a quiet, frustrated life in Chicago. From Publisher's Weekly, "Ware’s paper archipelago can be read in any order, making his heroine’s progression from single apartment life to dissatisfied motherhood in Oak Park, all the more personal, as if the reader is leafing through her memories, rather than following her linear story." Very cool.
To dress like the colorful and graphic cover, try a two-toned blue shirt, letter-covered skirt, fun box earrings, star ring, and blue heels. Or for lounging around, go for a colorblocked shirt, jeans, wrap bracelet, letter ring, and colorblocked heels.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

What do you think? Which books look interesting to you?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Etsy Faves

My first class of the semester is tonight! Even at 23 and even after having what feels like a million first days of school, I still get nervous. There's the dreaded class introduction where everyone has to say their name, why they're there, and other random bits of useless information, as well as the receiving of the syllabus, where I look at it and panic because there's so much to do.
At least I know people who are going to be in the class, so we can all struggle together! Ha! Novel workshop, here I come!

Perfect for Valentine's Day! (And every other day of the year)
Great for these drying winter months

Perfect for a glasses-loving girl like me!


Love the color

A classy way to send mail

What are you loving on Etsy?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outfit: Neutral & Red

Yes, I'm not wearing a jacket in these pictures. No, it was not warm. At all. It was absolutely freezing. But enough about the weather; I really need to start wearing the colored denim that I have in my closet more. Blue jeans can get boring fast. Red jeans on the other hand add a pop of color and are more fun to wear!
So I'm doing a fun Valentine's Day Blogging Party / Gift Exchange hosted by Casey, Nicole, Lauren, Alycia, and Ashlee. My Valentine partner is Aline of Tamed Musings. I can't wait to see if she likes her Valentine's Day goodies! And I'm eager to see my gift!

Sweater // LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls {similar}
Top (worn underneath) // Walmart
Jeans // Ebay
Boots // Forever 21 {similar}
Bag // Old Navy {similar & similar}

Do you like colored denim? Are you excited about Valentine's Day?

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Inspiration: Nail Art

Lately I've been so lazy when it comes to doing my nails. I keep wanting to paint my nails, but never actually get around to it. Maybe I've just been lacking inspiration. So of course I went to Pinterest! The nail art below is fun and colorful, but not too complicated, and now I really want to paint my nails a mixture of subdued colors and bright neon!

Any nail art ideas? What color are your nails today?

(Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7)

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Simple Pleasures

listening to this song from the Beautiful Creatures trailer,
spending lots of time reading in bed,
getting back into the groove of exercising and eating healthy,
taking pictures everyday for the photo a day challenge,
reading a pile of magazines on a sunny day,
my dad buying me sparkly flats,
indulging in Oreos and loving every minute of it,

also loving this cool song,

doing a fun DIY for my sister,


laughing after finding a copy of The Indy's Naked Issue.
Yep, my old college (Purchase College) came out
with a yearly issue where people posed completely naked!
What are your simple pleasures lately?
 (Image via Britta Nickel)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspired By: Silver Linings Playbook

Recently, I saw Silver Linings Playbook since it was recommended to me by a friend (thanks, Avra!) and it's a fantastic film. Based on a novel by Mathew Quick, this romantic comedy-drama has realistically flawed characters who you root for, very emotional scenes, great lines ("Calm down, crazy!"), and a funny dance scene. There's enough drama to showcase the amazing range of the actors and enough comedy that it lifts the at-times moody tone of the film.
The movie has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, such as Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress.
Inspired By: Silver Linings Playbook -- Patrick
{Click above for item info}

Patrick "Pat" Solitano (played by Bradley Cooper), who has bipolar disorder, is released from a mental health facility into his parents care after being treated for eight months. He discovers that his wife has moved away, so his goal is to get back on his feet and reconcile with his wife. One evening at a friend's house, he meets Tiffany; through a series of odd circumstances they decide to help one another -- she will give a letter to his wife and he will be her partner in a dance competition.  
To dress like Pat on a casual day, wear a green jacket, blue hoodie, jeans, blue Converse, and football-shaped earrings since he's an Eagles fan. For a fancy occassion, opt for a black blazer, white blouse, faux leather pants (instead of a black garbage bag), and sparkly heels. The envelope necklace is for the letter Pat writes to his wife.

Inspired By: Silver Linings Playbook -- Tiffany
Tiffany Maxwell (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is a young widow and recovering sex addict who has lost her job. She's wanted to be in a dance competition for years, so she persuades Pat into being her partner since it will show his wife that he's dedicated and can be a better man. Through shared neuroses, anger issues, and being the black sheep of their families, Tiffany and Pat become friends.
In order to dress like Tiffany, put on a black coat, black lacey dress, black scarf, heart necklace, and black studded pumps. For running or practicing a dance routine, wear a black shirt, purple tank top, gray athletic capris, and bright sneakers.

The Poster
Inspired By: Silver Linings Playbook Poster
Taking inspiration from the poster, these two outfits incorporate black and white stripes with bright pops of yellow. The first outfit consists of a yellow cardigan, belted dress, love ring, and short brown boots. For the second outfit, wear a striped sweater, jeans, neon yellow purse, and yellow bow flats. Keep a yellow notebook in your purse for writing notes to your love.

This gif from a scene in the movie cracks me up...

Have you seen this movie? What do you think?

(Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8)

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lusting: Colorful Cropped Trousers

I've been wanting a pair of brightly-colored cropped trousers to wear to work in order to look more professional, or to wear dressed down with a black t-shirt and cardigan. There's so many choices online and so many great colors to choose from, but since I'm so short (4'10") I'll have to shop for cropped pants in store to make sure the fit is right. Most of the time cropped pants are still too long on me! Oh the woes of being a shortie!
Lusting: Colorful Cropped Trousers
{Click above for item info}

What do you think of cropped trousers?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outfit: All That Glitters Is Gold

The day I wore this outfit to work it was over 50 degrees outside. Since I usually can't wear flats in the middle of winter, I knew I had to jump on this chance to sport my new, sparkly shoes. I accessorized my golden flats with a rose gold watch and a gold two-finger ring, both of which I've been wearing non-stop lately.

Top // old
Jeans // Forever 21
Flats // Old Navy
Watch // Target
Ring // Forever 21
Jacket // Old Navy

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Inspiration: Tattoos (Pt. 5)

Only a week left until school! It's kind of blowing my mind how fast (and at times how incredibly slow) this month has gone by already. This is no doubt going to be the toughest semester for me because I know how much work will have to go into it. I'm going to be reading twice the amount I'm used to because of the novel workshop (instead of handing in up to 25 pages, people can hand in 40 or 50) and I'm a little worried about it, but knowing myself I'll be able to handle it by organizing my time properly. Wish me luck! (And if there's any unexpected blog breaks, you'll know why! lol) 
 Love this beautiful fox tattoo

Love this cute idea

Love this simple but powerful tattoo

Love the "serendipity" font

Love the placement

Love all the color and detail

Love the simplicity

Love the colors in this peacock feather tattoo

Love this simple tattoo

Love this intricate tattoo

Love this beautiful tattoo of a voice recording of the wearer's sister saying,
"The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive."

Which ones do you like?
Do you have tattoos of your own?

P.S. -- For more tattoo pictures,

(All images via Pinterest)

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