Monday, September 30, 2013

Inspiration: Chunky Scarves

Although you can wear scarves year round, I never saw the appeal in wearing a scarf in the middle of summer. When it starts to get cold though, I'm all for wearing a chunky scarf. In fact, the chunkier the better! I've already broken out my teal fringed scarf, my burgundy Pashmina scarf, and my black knit infinity scarf.

Are you excited to wear scarves?

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Favorite Things

polka dot zipper pouch from Zesty Notion, Love stamps & getting mail from Naomi}

This Chipotle ad is so moving!
A few fun links:

 This Blurred Lines parody called Defined Lines is amazing, not just because it's hilarious, but shows that feminism doesn't have so serious all the time.

 This stop-motion haircut is the great thing ever!

 35 questions that will change your life! Sometimes it's good to ponder your existence.

 The world's first female Maasai warrior! You go, girl!

 A simple trick to stop worrying.

♥ What it's like to ghost write YA novels.

 100 weird ways to squeeze reading into your day.

♥ Yum, squash soup!

♥ Check out Letters from a Mermaid's lovely stationary shop!

 Sponsor love: How cool is this motorcycle jacket and this gun metal helmet from The Biker Store? Check out these beautiful pictures from Holy Island and these interesting links from Amy of Ten Penny Dreams!

 Fashion loves: a pretty scarf, a tan satchel, olive cargo pantsa floral flask, a polka dot journal, elbow patch cardigan, striped dress, and a camo print shirt

 Check out my Jewelissima blog posts

Have a great weekend, friends!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inspired By: September's Best Selling Books + Sponsor: Ten Penny Dreams

Hey guys! This month I read two books: Delirium by Lauren Oliver and Cinder by Marissa Meyer, both of which are the first book in a trilogy. I read Delirium, which is about a dystopian society where love is considered a disease, but it was meh. The character Lena is depressing and the story didn't surprise me or keep me interested. I won't be reading the next two books in the series. 

Cinder on the hand was absolutely amazing! Based on the fairy tale Cinderella, Cinder is a cyborg in the future, where a deadly disease is rampant and the lunar people wait to start a war with the people of Earth. When Prince Kai's needs a robot repaired, he turns to the best mechanic in New Beijing: Cinder, which is how she gets caught up in an intergalactic struggle. It sounds super sci-fi, but it all feels so real and has so much heart. I couldn't put it down, fell in love with all the characters, and I never knew what was going to happen next. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 

The Facade
Inspired By: The Facades
Written by Eric Lundgren, The Facades is a novel about the disappearance of an opera singer. The singer's husband, legal clerk Sven Norberg, must find her on his own through the streets of Trude, a once-great Midwestern city that now lies in ruin. He descends into the city's underworld and meets bizarre and menacing citizens, like an insane modernist architect. 

For a cute office look, wear a denim dress, red cardigan, a rustic necklace, studded belt, and ankle-strap flats. Or if you're meeting interesting people, you could wear a striped top, boyfriend jeans, a red watch, and red canvas sneakers.

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

Bleeding Edge
Inspired By: Bleeding Edge
Written by Thomas Pynchon, this novel takes place in 2001, after the dot-com bubble has burst and before 9/11. Maxine Tarnow runs a fraud investigation business in the Upper West Side chasing down con artists. Between two boys in elementary school and an off-and-on relationship with her ex, Maxine looks into the finances of a computer security firm and it's billionaire CEO. As people begin turning up dead, she finds herself in both dangerous and bizarre situations that only Pynchon could concoct. 

If you find yourself investigating criminals, wear a quilted black jacket, polka dot dress, teal stone necklace, boots, and a bag big enough to carry your Beretta. Or go for a striped turquoise top, black jeans, buckle booties, and a cross body bag. 

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

Where'd You Go, Bernadette?
Inspired By: Where'd You Go, Bernadette?
Written by Maria Semple, this novel follows 15-year-old Bee after her mom has disappeared the day before her family was about to depart for Antarctica. Since Bee's architect mother, Bernadette, is agoraphobic traveling to the end of the planet would be a problem. To find her mother, Bee compiles emails, official documents, and a secret correspondence. 

For the mother's outfit, I went for an office look: navy blazer, white blouse, light blue pencil skirt, circular sunglasses, and color-blocked wedges. For Bee's outfit, I put together a look that's perfect for class: a striped sweater, high-low blue skirt, blue sunglasses, and white Converse sneakers. 

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

Burial Rites
Inspired By: Burial Rites
Written by Hannah Kent, Burial Rites is a novel based on a true story. In Iceland in 1929, Agnes, an accused witch, is sent to an isolated farm to await execution for the brutal murder of her master. At first the family housing her avoids Agnes; only Toti, a priest, want to understand her before her death, but soon they all hear a different side to the story. 

Keep warm by wearing a knit gray cardigan, gray and mint dress, skull ring, and buckle boots. Or wear a long-sleeve floral dress, gray scarf, star earrings (since she's an accused witch), and heeled booties. Also, I added a hint of red for the murders. 

Buy the book: B&N | Amazon

I'm so excited to introduce you to my new sponsor, 
Ten Penny Dreams is a literary lifestyle blog run by Amy, a twenty-something aspiring writer from the North East of England. It features articles on books, writing, inspiration, geekery, North East culture and life in general. Ten Penny Dreams aims to promote creativity and find passion, humour and meaning in all things cultural, all the while dreaming about capturing that perfect moment on the page. Currently shortlisted in the Blog North Awards 2013 as Best Arts & Culture Blog.

Amy's blog is amazing! I can't resist a good blog about books, creativity, and geekery!
If you can't either, go check her blog out!

What books did you read this month?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag (September 2013)

I'm in love with all the items I got in this month's Ipsy Glam Bag! They're all things that I will use all the time (except for the mascara). Plus, how cute is the bag, right? I love the bold blue and the floral lace look. This month's theme is Classic Beauty. 

For the month of September, I received: 
♥ Cailyn Cosmetics' Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple (full size $19)
 Freeman Beauty's Paper Mask in Rose, Star Fruit, and Blue Agave (full size $1.99 each)
 Elizabeth Mott's It's So Big Volumizing Mascara (full size $19, sample $8)
♥ NYX's Single Eye Shadow in Pure Gold (full size $4.50)
 Starlooks' Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian (full size $12)

This month's bag was worth almost $50! 

Cailyn Cosmetics' Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple

I looked at this and thought it was another eyeliner pot from Cailyn since I got one in my first glam bag (which I never blogged about) and thought it was a terrible color for an eyeliner. However, I soon realized it was a tinted lip balm and got really excited. It comes with a small brush, but I prefer using my finger to get a more even coverage. I like the true red color and that the end result looks like a lip stain. 

Freeman Beauty's Paper Mask in Rose, Star Fruit, and Blue Agave 

I haven't actually used these yet, but I have two other facial products from Freeman Beauty (the chocolate and strawberry clay mask and the cucumber peel-off mask) that make my skin feel amazing, so I have no doubt that these paper masks will do what they say they do and make my skin glow. 

Elizabeth Mott's It's So Big Volumizing Mascara 

Like I mentioned in my last glam bag post, I don't wear much mascara. It is a nice mascara though, but it does clump a little and feels heavy on my eyelashes, at least to me. I'll probably gift it to a friend since she's a seasoned mascara wearer. 

NYX's Single Eye Shadow in Pure Gold 

This is my favorite thing in the bag! The name of the eye shadow is pure gold, but it's more like a bronze color, which is stunning and perfectly shimmery and makes for a great base coat. It's also soft, pigmented, and blends easily. I will definitely be wearing this all the time. 

Starlooks' Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian 

I love deep black eyeliners and this one is perfect: it's very black, it glides on smoothly, and it can be blended to create a softer line. While I like the Wet n' Wild eyeliner I usually use, this is definitely a step up. I think I found my new favorite eyeliner. 

Have you tried any of these products before?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outfit: Modern Regency + Giveaway! [CLOSED]

When I see these loose "poet" shirts, my first thought immediately goes to the Regency era. But more specifically the hot Regency men who wear them in movies and mini-series, like Mr. Thornton in North & South, Mr. Nobley in Austenland, and of course any of Jane Austen's male characters (Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice 1995 and Mr. Darcy in Lost in Austen. Hell yes!).

But back to reality, this shirt are so comfy and pretty and I like that it makes me think of my favorite literary crushes. Plus, I couldn't help but wear it with my new Sealed With Love JewelMint necklace, which is a golden wax seal that says "With Love." What's not to love?
(And a funny face for good measure!)

Jacket: Charlotte Russe | Shirt: H&M {similar} | Necklace: JewelMint
Jeans: Forever 21 | Flats: Betsy Johnson via T.J. Maxx | Ring: Fifth & Mae

Be sure to enter this amazing giveaway that I wish I could win!
Brought to you by:
Sara of Sincerely, Sara ($10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card)
Jewel of Style Optimist ($10 Starbucks Gift Card)
Angela of Head To Toe Chic (Extra Large Ad Space)
Sharon of The Tiny Heart ($10 Target Gift Card)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspiration: Anticipating Autumn + Sponsor: The Biker Store

I'm not usually a fan of the color orange, but to me that lively, warm color just embodies autumn -- pumpkin pie, PSL (pumpkin spice lattes), actual pumpkins, crunchy leaves, apple cider, squash soup, candlelight, roaring fireplaces, and of course it's one of the two Halloween colors. Every year I always look forward to seeing the leaves change colors. I especially love the trees whose leaves turn a bold burgundy before falling away. And you can't go wrong with all the delicious food that fall has to offer.

Today I want to introduce you guys to The Biker Store

My dad has a red motorcycle and in the summer likes to ride around in his padded leather jacket and black helmet. He'll take my siblings and I down the street while we ride on the back (one at a time of course) to feel the wind in our hair. It's simultaneously thrilling and relaxing. Every year, my dad  loves going to Americade in Lake George, NY, where hundreds of motorcycles line the streets. Whenever I see a motorcycle it reminds me of that bald-headed man I call dad, so that's why I'm excited that The Biker Store is a sponsor of mine this month!
The Biker Store has a wide range of ladies motorcycle helmets and motorcycle clothing including, jeans, leather jackets, leather trousers, and motorcycle boots. They take pride in what they do and take time out of the weekends and evenings to visit local biker meet-ups to listen to bikers stories.

Be sure to check out their clothing,
especially if you yourself are a biker chick!

What do you love about fall?
Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?

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(via Selective Potential and Britta Nickel)

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Life Lately (The End of Summer)

It's been a busy summer and I was hoping that autumn would be a calmer season, but it looks like it's going to be just as hectic. There are some things still up in the air and some new changes, so it will take some adjusting. Change is always hard, but I'm looking forward to what happens in the next few months. 

Anyway, here are pictures that sum up the end of my summer!
Tea and scones at Alice's Teacup // feet of my family // me on the rooftop of the Met
scanning the books at the Strand // my dog Princess // a colorful outfit 
writing // feet in the pool // new things
a lovely smelling Diamond Candle // new necklaces // Ipsy Glam Bag
floral dress // heart keychain // little sister's birthday party
drinking tea on a train ride into NYC // Alice statue in Central Park // wavy hair

 View from the Met's rooftop cafe!

Lake in Central Park

The Strand and lots of beautiful books!

I'm pen pals with Naomi of Starry Eyes & Coffee Cups!
It feels good to write letters on paper instead of sending an email!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Inspired By: Sleepy Hollow

We've all heard of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving about the superstitious Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman that terrorizes him and the secluded town of Sleepy Hollow. Since I grew up living close to the actual town (so far I haven't seen any ghosts or headless men walking around), it's something of an actual legend around here. I grew up believing that someone named Ichabod had actually seen a Headless Horseman, and only later realized that it was just a short story (that was a sad day). 

So of course I'm beyond excited that a new show called Sleepy Hollow is coming to TV! It looks dark, spooky, and suspenseful, with a dash of humor. The show is on FOX on Mondays at 9pm EST. The first show already aired this past Monday, so be sure to watch it online. 

Ichabod Crane
Inspired By: Sleepy Hollow (Ichabod Crane)

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) is resurrected in modern day Sleepy Hollow alongside the Headless Horseman, who is now on a murderous rampage. Ichabod realizes that he not only has to stop the Headless Horseman, but that it's just the beginning -- this Headless Horseman is the first of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. 

For a more 1776 look, wear a jacket with lots of buttons, a gray blouse, black jeans, and brown knee-high boots. Or if you want to go more modern, try on a black moto jacket, striped peplum top, jeans, and two-tone boots. 

Abbie Mills
Inspired By: Sleepy Hollow (Abbie Mills)
Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), who is skilled in profiling and threat assessment, teams up with Ichabod Crane to help stop the Headless Horseman. Abbie has had her own supernatural experiences and is determined to help him because she wants to rid her once sleepy town of all things evil. 

For a bad ass cop look, go for a brown leather jacket, white button up, jeans, gun ring, and quilted boots. Or if you're hunting bad guys off duty, wear an anorak, black tee, olive cargo pants, star brooch for her badge, and buckle boots. 

Captain Frank Irving & Katrina Crane
Inspired By: Sleepy Hollow (Frank Irving & Katrina Crane)
Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) is the new head of the police precinct and doesn't believe Ichabod's story or that supernatural evils exist, but when strange things start to happen, he reluctantly turns to Ichabod for help. I made his bureaucratic outfit more office-appropriate: wear a printed blazer, white top, blue pencil skirt, gold watch, and nude pumps. 

Katrina Crane (Katia Winter) is Ichabod's late wife, who is trapped in a netherworld. In his determination to rescue her, he uncovers secrets about her that spark a lot of questions. For a more modern interpration, try an orange bow dress, brown cardigan, embellished belt, and heeled oxfords. 

Will you be watching?

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(via FOX & Bing)

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Novel: Trust Fall Playlist

Trust Fall Playlist by SaraS on Grooveshark
Most of the time when I'm writing my novel, Trust Fall, I'm listening to music. I created a playlist that gets me into the mindset of the story, or into a certain mood for a scene. In other words, it gets me pumped! Well, not really since the tone of Trust Fall is dramatic, thoughtful, and moody most of the time. However, if I'm writing a fight scene (yep, there are a few of those), then I'll listen to upbeat and exciting songs. 

Not only does the mood of the song help me write, but in each song there's usually a phrase that reminds me of the story in some way. Here are some of the lyrics that inspire me to keep writing. 

  • VersaEmerge's "Stranger": "Stranger, I know so well / You got me tripping over myself / Can't trust in you / 'Cause as I reach for your hand / I still sink into quicksand / Isn't my good side worth rescuing?" 

  • OneRepublic's "Counting Stars": "Lately I been, I been losing sleep / Dreaming about the things that we could be / But baby I been, I been prayin' hard / Said no more counting dollars / We'll be counting stars / Yeah, we'll be counting stars." 

  • MS MR's "Bones": "Boy with a broken soul / Heart with a gaping hole / Dark twisted fantasy turned to reality / Kissing death and losing my breath / Midnight hours / Cobble street passages / Forgotten savages, Forgotten savages... / These are hard times / For dreamers." 

  • Katie Costello's "Stranger": Stranger I've known you for so long / I found you lost with a compass in the fog / Stranger you know me too much / Illusionary self had not been touched... / Stranger you've followed me so far / Until the roads converged, as did the stars." 
What do you listen to when you write?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Outfit: Keep It Cozy

Mother Nature seems to be confused because one day it's 90 degrees and the next it's 60. On one such cold day, this is what I wore. That day also happened to be both Yom Kippur and my brother Ben's birthday. Terrible, I know. Even though he couldn't properly celebrate with cake until after sundown, he got some pretty cool presents. I got him a watch tray and a gift card to Kohl's, while my other brother Leo gave him a blue t-shirt that reads: Trust me, I'm an accountant. Ben's in grad school to be a forensic accountant. 

If you can't tell from the following pictures, I like fun and quirky rings. I'm always looking for a ring that has character, whether it's a teacup ring, a shield ring, a ring that's actually two pieces, a cute bear ring, or a turquoise bow ring. So, of course, I couldn't resist when I saw a scalloped edge ring and an ampersand ring. 

I want to thank Jewelissima for this beautiful necklace and the other wonderful goodies I received in the mail! Also, be sure to check out Jewelissima's latest blog posts!
Sweater: American Eagle | Necklace: c/o Jewelissima | Jeans: American Eagle
Scallop Ring: Forever 21 | Ampersand Ring: Fifth & Mae | Knot Ring: gift 
Shoes: Betsy Johnson via T.J. Maxx

Have a great day!
P.S. -- Yesterday was my 500th post! Yay!

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