Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Writing: Music Poem

I wrote this poem for class; the theme for that week's class was music, so I couldn't resist because I love music. I hope you enjoy my poem!
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It comes in through an open window,
mixed in with the breeze,
barely heard above a whisper.
It grows in bravery,
the soft sounds become more intense.
You move closer.
You close your eyes.
It is all around.
Speaks with no words,
describes with no mouth,
understands with no body.
It lingers in the room,
makes a place for itself in your heart.
Times passes – an eternity, a second,
you do not know how long, you do not care.
It is fleeting,
but deep down you already knew.
The air itself seems to lose its magic.
Silence never sounded so strong.

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  1. Wow, you know to be honest I'm not really into poetry--but I really like this poem you made. They sound like they'd make for great song lyrics :-D

    1. Actually, I'm not that into poetry either. It wrote it for class, but I like how it turned out. lol

  2. Sara, this is amazing! really beautiful! I really understood what you were talking about, amazing imagery.


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