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Inspired By: Beautiful Creatures

Although it took me forever to read (that book is the definition of the word tome at 563 pages), Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is an interesting, multi-layered YA fantasy novel. This witchcraft romance is told through the eyes of Ethan Wate, a teenage boy in fictional Gatlin, South Carolina, who falls for the new girl, Lena Duchannes, who is a Caster (or witch).
At the start of the novel, Ethan dreams about a girl who turns out to be Lena. He discovers that on her sixteenth birthday she will either be claimed for the Light or the Dark and has no control over which she will be. Ethan wants to help her and figure out how he's connected to her.
There's so much history and background information that everything feels so real at times (though at times it does slow down the story). And of course there's a bit of a Romeo and Juliet plot to it since Lena's uncle and Ethan's housekeeper (who is more like a mother figure to him) try to keep them apart. While the magic is fascinating to read about, the best part of this novel is the characters; they're believably complicated and most of them are just plain cool. I would recommend it if you like YA fantasy.

The movie was really great if you're thinking about seeing it!

Lena Duchannes
Inspired By: Beautiful Creatures -- Lena
Played by Alice Englert, Lena Duchannes is a Caster, a loner, and the new girl in Gatlin. As Macon Ravenwood's (the town shut-in) niece and an outsider, she is immediately disliked by the popular girls in school, especially after "strange" things start happening after her arrival. Lena has a casual and girly style with a bit of an edge. To emmulate her, try slipping on a black moto jacket over a purple and black dress with black pumps and red lips. For a day at school, wear an army jacket, lace shirt, black flowy skirt, and lace-up boots. Don't forget to wear Lena's signature necklace of tiny momento's.

Ethan Wate
Inspired By: Beautiful Creatures -- Ethan
Played by Alden Ehrenreich, Ethan Wate lives with his writer father, who stays in his room all day writing, and Amma, his housekeeper who takes care of him and who is a seer. Although he is told to stay away from Lena by Amma, he wants to know why he is connected to her and why he can protect Lena from magic when he has none himself. As a regular high school kid, Ethan has a casual style -- try a denim jacket, button up blouse, dark wash jeans, and Converse. Or maybe a leather jacket with a striped tee, gray jeans, and wedge booties.

Ridley Duchannes
Inspired By: Beautiful Creatures -- Ridley
Played by Emmy Rossum, Ridley Duchannes was once a goody two shoes like her cousin, Lena, but she's now a Dark Caster. She is also a Siren, which means she easily manipulates people and does so frequently, mostly for the fun of it. To dress like the old Ridley, don a bright, cheery yellow dress, a thick belt, strappy boots, pink lipstick, and pink blush. If you'd rather dress like the new Ridley, wear a black lacey dress, velvet blazer, heeled boots, burgandy lipstick, and smudged black eyeliner. Though not pictured, don't forget Ridley's signature lollipop!

Wesley "Link" Lincoln & Emily Asher
Inspired By: Beautiful Creatures -- Link & Emily
Played by Thomas Mann, Wesley "Link" Lincoln is Ethan's best friend. He befriends Lena despite the fact that his mother is constantly trying to get Lena expelled. Played by Zoey Deutch, Emily Asher on the other hand hates Lena because Lena's dating her ex, Ethan, and because she believes Lena is dangerous. Go for Link's casual cool vibe by mixing prints -- plaid shirt, striped top, green jeans, spiked sneakers, and a pork pie hat. To dress like the popular girl, wear a bright yellow jacket, floral dress, nude wedges, and fun floral jewelry.
What do you think?
Have you read the book? Did you / will you see the movie?

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  1. gosh it looks so lovely I like there's style! nice combinations, by the way. seems like interesting book/movie as well.

  2. i love them all!!!

    This is such a great blog!!!!!

    I am following now, hope you follow back :)

  3. Such a fun post! Loving that purple Motel Rocks dress! I definitely need to read these books!

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  4. I've never read it but I'm totally digging the outfits you put together!

  5. i loved seeing the movie with you! i really like that floral dress you chose for emily.

  6. I haven't read the book but the movie looks pretty good. Loving Lena's style.

    xo erica

  7. I'm not much of a fantasy girl, but I love when you put together looks for fantasy characters - they're always so pretty and dramatic. I'd love to wear the outfit you picked out for Lena :)

  8. I love your outfits so much! I wrote about Lena's style ( but seeing this it's nothing in comparison aha! Me and my friend have started the blog and we're new to this blogging world!xxx


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