Friday, March 15, 2013

My Favorite Apps

I use my iPod Touch every single day. If I could, I would use it at every available moment, even in the shower or when I'm sleeping. Sleep-apping? Anyway, the apps I use all the time are helpful, connect me to others, and are just plain fun.

I'm basing this on iTunes apps. If you have an Android, check to see if they're available.

ONE | Afterlight (formerly Afterglow)

I love using this photo editor because not only is it super easy to use, but there are so many filters (my faves are Raven, Frost, Crown, Hollow, and Dreamy). You can also add rays of colorful light, make the photo look dirty or old or burned, and even make it into a fun shape, like a circle, triangle, or raindrop. And you can quickly add it to Instagram. Speaking of which...
Buy ($0.99)

TWO | Instagram

I'm obsessed! It's just so fun taking random pictures of my day, putting a filter on it, and sending it out into the digital world. Plus, I like seeing other people's pictures -- what they bought recently, cool pictures of cities, people's daily lives, outfit pictures, what celebrities are doing, etc.

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THREE | Nike Training Club

This makes exercising easy. Well, easier. There are ton of workouts for whether you want to focus on getting lean, toned, or strong, or whether you want to do a 45-minute, 30-minute, or 15-minute workout. There are also workouts tailored to specific areas, like the abs, arms, butt, and more. Plus, you can get rewards, which are the workouts of famous athletes.

Download (free)

FOUR | TV Guide

I hope it's not just me, but I love reading about my favorite TV shows, reading interviews of actors or showrunners, and getting spoilers in the News section. Also, you can keep your favorite shows on a Watchlist and get alerts before your shows start. Which brings me to...

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FIVE | Viggle

If you love TV as much as I do, then why not get points for watching it? Every time you check into a show and play trivia, you get points. These points mean real rewards, like a Kindle Fire, a Royal Caribbean Cruise ticket, Viggle merchandise, or gift cards to Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, Sephora, Travelocity, and more.

Download (free)

SIX | Jittergram

This app is a lot of fun and it's great for when you're really bored or want to waste time. You take pictures of anything you want (like your friend making funny faces or a cheerio moving across a table), press a button when you're done, and it turns it into a loop, or gif. Be warned that the more pictures you take, the longer it takes the gif to load after.

Download (free)

SEVEN | Kindle

Although I prefer my books in paper form, having the Kindle app means I can take a whole bookcase with me wherever I go. Plus, I love that Amazon has a whole slew of free classics (like P&P, Dorian Gray, Jane Eyre, etc.) as well as a ton of cheap books.

Download (free)

Other notables: Shazam, Snapseed, Goodreads, and Lose It.

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I'm making the switch to Bloglovin' because
Google Reader is being discontinued on July 1st,
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Thanks guys!

What are your favorite apps?

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  1. Oh iPhone... I have an Android and if I had known what I would be missing out on by not getting an Apple phone, well, that definitely would have changed my choice :) I'm still going to try to hunt down Afterlight, though; I'm always looking for a better photo editor.
    PS: I checked in with one of my friends who works with computers; he told me {and a little research I did seems to back him up} that Google Reader and GFC are two different things, so we don't have to worry as much about the July 1st shutdown. Fingers crossed he's right!

  2. My iTouch never leaves me side, it's one of my extra hands :) Can't get enough of Instagram.

    Some people have mentioned Google being weird, uh oh!

  3. I love new apps - I'm awful at searching them out myself and rely on other people's recommendations. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. I'm going to have to try Afterlight. It sounds cool :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  5. Oh it really being discontinued?! That's the whole reason for blog success on my site! :( I'm so upset now!

    1. Yeah, me too! I hope it's just Google Reader and not GFC, but I heard it's both!

  6. Awesome. You use the same apps as I do. Except I don't have one, five, and six, which I shall go check out right now. They sound great.

    P.S. I moved to Bloglovin and I am lovin' it, haha.

  7. That Afterlight app sounds pretty good, I just may check it out!

    Ali of


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