Friday, October 11, 2013

Life Lately

Well, a lot has been happening lately! I've been reading a lot, mostly for school, but I've also been reading Insurgent and really getting into it. I did homework at Panera with my friend Avra while she studied for a test and we were literally there all day and it was amazing to be both productive and have someone to chat with when I needed a break. 

Some sad news: I'm currently not doing anymore blog posts for Jewelissima's blog. It's not that I did a terrible job (at least, I hope not!), it's just that the owner is focusing on opening a storefront, which is really cool and obviously takes a lot of time. So hopefully when all is settled, I can go back to writing more. 

In other sad news, my beloved 1990 Acura Integra (I know, ancient car) has to be retired because it's costing too much to fix even though it still drives fine. I might as well start using the 2006 Nissan Altima that my dad has taking up space in his driveway. So maybe this isn't bad news after all!
A friend gave me a typewriter! // Goodies from Jewelissima (GET 20% OFF WITH CODE SARA) // Yum! 
Exercising // I helped live-tweet at a NYPL event! // Scarf + cardigan
New polka dot cardigan & hot pink ice pack from T.J. Maxx // Sunny day // Lots of rings
Homework // Fro-yo // I won an InStyle giveaway! 
New AEO jeweled sweater & LC top // Eating apples // Apple picking with Avra
More apples! // New books from a book sale // More homework

Below are more pictures from my apple picking adventure...

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Happy Friday! 
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What have you been up to lately?

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  1. apple-picking and panera and lots of reading time? sounds like my kind of week :) gorgeous photos!

  2. Mmm Panera is my fav...their soups are so good on a cold, fall day! Boo about your car but that's pretty awesome that you can drive your dad's car. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your car! I have a (slightly-less) ancient 98 Ford Escort and I love it to pieces... but it's probably on its last legs, unfortunately! But hey, if you get to drive around in a nice newer car, that could be fun :-)

    Looks like you've been keeping busy with lots of fun stuff!

  4. I am so in love with that typewriter - beautiful. I've wanted one forever!

  5. Aw, your apple picking adventure looks like so much fun! And I'm so envious that someone bought you a typewriter, I haven't used one for years but there is something so comforting about the sounds they make, versus a computer.

  6. Aha! FINALLY I spot a book in someone's book-picture that I have actually read. The chance pf that happening is nearly non-existent, but there it is: The Passage by Justin Cronin! It is currently lies right next to me. I haven't finished it yet, but I do absolutely LOVE it so far. It's pretty good, and it's the first book I've read in a while (read: very long time)! xo

  7. I LOVE when you do these kinds of posts! You have a wonderful Instagram profile! If only there was a way to do it from a laptop or a Kindle.....There is no way right?

  8. goodbye car!! :(

  9. I feel like every time I comment I'm just gushing and raving about everything, but I love all of this! The apple picking, polka dot sweaters, and your being awesome in general! So sad to hear about the car and the guest blogging situation, but just from these pictures alone you've got so many fantastic things to look forward to regardless!

  10. Beautiful pics! I wanna go apple picking!!!! :D



  11. Thanks, Kristin! You're comment made me feel a lot of better!

  12. Sadly, no. If you had an Instagram, I would follow you in a heartbeat!

  13. I'm glad you're liking the book! Now I'm really excited to read it!

  14. My friend Paul apparently has 40 (!!!) typewriters in his mom's basement in Chicago and so during the summer break he brought me back one! So awesome!

  15. Thanks, Meg! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I'm obsessed with their broccoli cheddar soup!

  17. I'm glad :) I'm going to see the giant rubber duck in town tomorrow to cheer myself up, so I'll be sure to send you some duck love if I can snap a picture to add to the pep!


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