Thursday, September 17, 2015

Inspired By: Here, Wildest Dreams & Black Magic

I hate when music videos have nothing to do with the song whatsoever. Don't you? These three music videos are super cool, feature amazing outfits, and the song and the video are in sync with one another. 

Here | Alessia Cara
Alessica Cara -- Here
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This song is an anthem for introverts! Have you ever been to a party and just wished you could go home to be by yourself? That's what "Here" is about. Alessia Cara even wrote the day after being at an uncomfortable party. I love the line about rather being with her friends to discuss "big dreams" and "plans to take over the planet."

I went with basics that have a little oomph, so these outfits can take you from day (reading at home) to night (being at a party you don't want to be at). Wear a white blouse, stud earrings, dark jeans, black rings, and black booties. Or  throw on a black tank top, distressed jeans, purple watch, and burgundy sneakers. 

Wildest Dreams | Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift -- Wildest Dreams
The video for "Wildest Dreams" is gorgeous (the scenery, the 1950's film theme, the outfits!) and T-Swift is gorgeous in it! This song is beautiful and it's one of my favorites from her 1989 album. (Also, I wish I could pull off that dark red lipstick like she can.)

That yellow dress is so gorgeous, so wear something similar: embroidered yellow dress, sparkly necklace, red stud earrings, taupe infinity scarf, and black wedges. Or for a casual 1950's look, put on a white collar blouse, scalloped black skirt, heart earrings, and red heels. 

Black Magic | Little Mix
Little Mix -- Black Magic
"Black Magic" is like a mini teen movie about four nerdy girls who find a magical purple book. I've liked Little Mix ever since I saw them perform as an opener for Demi Lovato. They're energetic and spunky and tons of fun to listen to. 

For the cool outfit, put on a red lace top, windowpane-print skirt, key bracelet, purple druzy necklace, and black wedges. For the nerdy chic outfit, wear an olive cardigan, purple swing dress, light blue stud earrings, and black oxford flats. 

What music video do you currently love?

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