Monday, January 11, 2016

My Winter Reading List + 2016 Book Goal

What a great reading year 2015 was! According to Goodreads, I read 82 books and 23,089 pages. The longest book I read was Winter at 824 pages, the shortest was Zombillenium: Gretchen at 48, and the most popular book I read was Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Of all the books I read, these eight were my favorite! As you can see, most are YA fantasy (my favorite genre), but I did branch out quite a bit last year into contemporary, literary fiction, graphic novels, and even some non-fiction. These aren't in any particular order, though my two absolute favorite novels of the year were Winter and Lois Lane: Fallout

As you read this, physical copies of these books sit on a shelf, unopened, heartbroken that I haven't read them yet. I can hear them weeping. Some are yelling at me. It's rather disturbing. So this year, one of my reading goals is to read all of the unread books. Let's be real, there's more than just these 12 sitting on my shelf, but these are the one I really, really want to get to. 

 The Archived
 The Girl at Midnight
 Everything Everything
 Just Ella
 Alias Hook
 Of Metal and Wishes
 Six of Crows
 Black Widow: Forever Red
 Undressing Mr. Darcy
 The Invention of Hugo Cabret

But my main reading goal of the year: READ 60 BOOKS!  

What's your reading goal for the year?

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