Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Outfit: Hufflepuff Colors

Showing off some Hufflepuff pride today! Shout out to my fellow Puffs! Yellow and black is not a color combination I wear very often mostly because I don't have that much yellow in my closet, but also because I don't want to look like the Cheerios bee. But when you add some gray and blue it becomes a little more wearable.

I think it's funny that from afar this hat kind of looks like a sports team hat, but then you come closer and -- BAM! -- you see that it's actually a Harry Potter beanie. I love it! Also, this hat is super warm, so that's a major plus right now. And you can't really tell, but I'm wearing Gryffindor socks. This is a very Hogwarts-y outfit!
Hat: Amazon | Scarf: Primark | Shirt: Kmart | Cardigan: old
Jeans: American Eagle | Booties: DSW | Keychain: Amazon

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