Friday, March 17, 2017

Inspired By: Beauty and the Beast

Are you ready for Beauty and the Beast?! Because I am! I am SO READY! I can tell it's going to be amazing just based on the trailer. The costumes and set and inanimate characters have an incredible amount of detail. Just look at this picture of Cogsworth. And Emma Watson's voice is beautiful! I'm going to be that fool that smiles the whole time I'm watching it.
Who else is seeing it this weekend?

Beauty and the Beast -- Belle
Bookish and kind and clever Belle (Emma Watson) just wants to read her books and invent things (yep, in this movie she's the inventor!), but the townspeople think she's odd and Gaston is always trying to get her to marry him.
I took Belle's classic books and gave them a modern spin, so wear a open-shoulder blue dress, a drape-y blue cardigan, rose stud earrings, a rose-shaped purse, and taupe booties. Or for her most iconic look don a bright yellow dress, gold rose earrings, a sparkly headband, a Cogsworth bag, and metallic heels.

Beauty and the Beast -- Beast
Hidden away in the castle for a very long time, the Beast (Dan Stevens) is an angry young prince who needs to fall in love and have something fall in love with him in order to break the spell.
Wear these chic items while in your own castle or at work: wear a gray blazer, a floral print blouse, black jeans, a rose bracelet, and black heeled booties. Or throw on a blue blazer, a yellow peplum top, gray jeans, a white watch, a pretty mirror, and navy Oxford flats.

Beauty and the Beast -- Gaston
My what a guy, that Gaston! Arrogant and vain, Gaston (Luke Evans) is a former soldier turned hunter, who wants to marry Belle, and later when he learns of the Beast he wants to hunt him down and kill him.
Be sure to wear Gaston's favorite color: red, of course. Throw on a taupe blouse, a dark red vest, jeans, arrow earrings, and tall brown boots. Or wear a red blazer, a white top, khakis, rings, and red sneakers.

Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere & Plumette
Beauty and the Beast -- Friends
The cursed inhabitants of the castle (Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw) are trapped by this spell just as much as the Beast (but complain a lot less!), so they also want the curse to be broken.
The range of metallic in the castle are gorgeous, so put on a striped tank top, a brocade skirt, a mirrored phone case, a gold rose ring, and gold flats. Or wear an off-the-shoulder black top, metallic brocade pants, rose necklace, and red pointed flats.

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