Monday, March 20, 2017

Six Spring Fashion Trends

Lately, I've felt like I'm in a clothing rut. I keep wearing the same things over and over (sweater, jeans, boots, scarf), so whenever there's a hint of warm weather it's like inspiration hits and I feel new clothing combinations spring to mind. Which is why I'm happy spring is here (at least officially, but someone has to tell the weather to hurry up!) because that means it's time for spring trends and of course time to go shopping!

I definitely want to add a ruffled shirt, a pair of patchwork jeans, and possibly some cute clogs to my wardrobe. What about you?

ONE | Bold Stripes
Bold Stripes
Stripes are always "in" for spring, but this year bold stripes are the big thing, so make a bold statement in wide stripes of every color and direction. Try not only horizontal stripes but vertical and diagonal. If you just want to dip your toe into the classic trend then wear stripes on your bag or shoes or accessories.

TWO | Ruffles
I'm ready for all the ruffles! I've always been a fan of ruffles and peplum, so I love this feminine trend. Add some girliness with ruffled tops and skirts or jackets, socks, and shoes with ruffles. Even if you don't have a girly style, there are easy ways to incorporate this into your wardrobe, like the black and white top with ruffled sleeves.

THREE | Clogs
I've always, always, always wanted a pair of clogs, but they're usually on the expensive side. Well, all of these are under $100 with most under $70. With this trend becoming more readily available that means there will be more inexpensive options, so keep an eye out. These shoes are such a classic and go with everything.

FOUR | Patchwork
Yep, the 90s are definitely back in full swing. It started with choker necklaces and now it's onto patchwork denim. Add some flair to your outfit with a patched and distressed pair of jeans. Not into the jeans, instead try a patchwork dress or purse. FYI I'm sure the patchwork denim is easy to DIY if you want to customize your own pair!

FIVE | Slogan Tees
Slogan Tees
Say what you really mean with these fun slogan tees. I have plenty of wordy tees like this, so I'm happy to keep wearing them into the spring and summer. Aren't the "More Coffee" and "Whatever Sprinkles Your Donuts" ones great? Actually, you could totally DIY these two with a soft tee, fabric paint, and stencils.

SIX | Oxford Blouse
Oxford Blouses
The Oxford blouse has been updated this spring; it's not just your classic button up anymore. Now they come in bright colors, cool prints, have ruffles, billowing sleeves, or an off-the-shoulder detail. Mix it up at the office with a shirt that's classic but modern. 

Which spring fashion trends do you like?

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