Monday, March 6, 2017

Cute Commuter Essentials

There are two types of commuters: ones who like commuting and ones who wish they could Apparate home and not bother with traveling. I don't mind commuting if the journey is short and I have a good book. Now that I drive to work, I always listen to an audiobook in my car because it's an easy way to knock two books off my TBR list. I use either Overdrive (it's free because it connects to your local library) or Audible (if you have Amazon Prime there are a bunch of free audiobooks). So whether you take public transportation or drive, below are some cute items to help with your commute.

I asked my brother Leo, who takes a bus and subway to school, what his essentials are and, always the jokester, he replied, "A small vodka for when the day is going rough." Maybe some alcohol is the only essential we need, right? 😉
Are you a commuter?
What are your essentials?

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