Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY: Art Deco(ish) Nails

I figured I would call these nails "art deco" because of the triangles, but for some reason the color combination of pale blue and gold also screams 1920s art deco to me. Luckily, it is extremely easy to do if you're looking to spice up your nails.

Just paint four nails one lighter color and your ring finger a darker or metallic color. With two pieces of tape, create a triangle. They can go in any direction you want as evidenced by what I did. But make sure you stick the tape to the palm of your hand a few times to make it less sticky, or you might peel off your first color. Then paint your darker color in the taped off section, peel away the tape, layer a top coat over when it's dry, and you're done!

I did mine rather quickly so the lines aren't perfect, but I think it's a fun idea. It can work with so many different color combinations! What do you think?

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