Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inspired By: Ruby Sparks

Yesterday the movie Ruby Sparks came out. It's about a young man, who writes about a character, only to discover that she has come to life. {Read more about it here.} Maybe it's because I'm a writer or maybe it's simply because I love the idea of this film, but I want to see it so bad.

But I also love the outfits that the characters wear in the trailer and production stills. Ruby wears bright colors, while Calvin wears subdued tones. The clothes look so comfy and cute; perfect for falling in love.

Inspired By: Ruby Sparks -- Ruby
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Bright colors and patterns for a girl with a bright personality. In the trailer, Ruby wears a floral red dress, a simple white dress, an orange dress to a picnic, and a blue dress with purple tights.

Inspired By: Ruby Sparks -- Calvin
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Calvin has a quiet personality and his clothes reflect that. Soft colors and comfortable garments,
like light brown and olive-colored pants, brown shoes, blue shirts, and sweaters in muted colors.

Are you going to see this movie? What do you think of the outfits?

(Stills via Examiner, Aces Showbiz & Pyromag)

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