Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspired By: Jane Austen Book Covers Part 1

I've loved Jane Austen's novels for many years now. Admittedly, I saw Pride & Prejudice (2005) first and then fell in love with the novels afterwards. But I'm so glad I read Austen's books because her characters are unique and realistic and her stories are engrossing and just plain fun to read. There's a reason people have been snatching them up since they were first published in the early 19th century, and why there's always new movie and TV version coming out.
Since they're so popular, the book covers are always being updated -- modern, minimalist, Twilight-inspired, etc. I don't know about you, but I love seeing the new ones and how they translate to the story within.

Northanger Abbey

Inspired By: Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey Book Covers
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Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey follows Catherine Morland, a young woman who loves reading Gothic novels. After meeting the Tilney's in Bath, Catherine is invited to stay at their estate, Northanger Abbey, which she believes will be exotic and dark. Though it's not, there are mysterious rooms in which no one is allowed to enter. Since the story has Gothic elements the covers have dark colors, burgandy, red, and purple, which is perfect for fall! Wear a casual white dress, burgandy coat, and floral flats for a day out on the town, and floral jeans and a wine-colored peplum top for class or work.

Pride and Prejudice
Inspired By: Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice Book Covers
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Jane Austen's most famous novel is about love, family, and of course pride and prejudice in 19th century England. Outspoken Elizabeth Bennet and haughty Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy make this novel a true classic; this story has had women of all ages swooning for two centuries. The cover is constantly getting a new makeover, but these three felt both Edwardian and modern. Wear a white dress with gold embellished shoulders for going out dancing and white jeans and a feather print top for exploring the countryside.

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Sense and Sensibility
Inspired By: Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility Book Covers
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The more modern covers of Sense and Sensibility, the tale of two sisters who find love in unexpected places, called for fun, updated outfits. I like to think that the blue dress and floral shoes would be worn by Elinor, the more sensible daughter if she were alive today (and real), and that the gold dress and heels would be worn by Marianne, the romantic younger daughter as she flirts at parties.
What do you think? Do you like being inspired by book covers?
Any book covers you want me to do?
Stay tuned for more Jane Austen next week!
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  1. What a clever idea! I really like how you tied the outfits to the covers and a little bit to the characters themselves. And they're cute outfits!

  2. Love the peacock look for Pride n Prejudice!
    That stone studded peacock brooch is awesome!!! :)
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow if you like and let me know with a comment! :)

  3. This is such a clever post!

    xo Jennifer

  4. ok, this is awesome :D I love the combination and the fact it is actually inspired by books cover, that is fabolous. People are making clutchs from books (Even when i think it's brutal) but imagine taking that book as clutch, with these outfits. That actually would be genius.
    And it is genius, these combinations you created! + I love Jane Austen's books <3

    1. Yes, I've seen people making book clutches! Interesting idea! So glad you like this post!

  5. I've always been a HUGE Jane Austen fan and - to the chagrin of my wallet - love clothes as well. I love the idea of choosing outfits with Austen as your inspiration and think you did an excellent job in putting them together! I would wear any one of those outfits!
    So glad that I came across your blog today - can't wait to read more!

  6. this is so cute!! i love all the Northanger Abbey ones!

  7. This is wonderful. I hope there's an Emma and Mansfield Park post coming. Emma would be pretty great for an outfit post...


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