Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outfit: Subtle Pattern Mixing

Red polka dots shirts and dresses remind me of 1950s pin up girls. I thought I'd just put that out there. Does it remind anyone else of that?

Since I don't own any printed pants or many patterned skirts, I thought I would be subtle with my print mixing. Polka dot shirt and leopard print flats. Not two patterns I would usually put together, but it works because the shirt is bright red and the flats have bright red bows. It's easy to mix and match when there are similar (or in this case, the same) colors in your outfit.

Shirt // eBay
Jeans // Forever 21
Flats // Payless (by Brash)
Brown bracelet // old
Glasses // Bonlook

What do you think?

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  1. i love this! i really like mixing patterns too!

  2. Subtle pattern mixing is the best way!

    xo Jennifer


  3. I'm a fan of subtle pattern mixing and like how you did it!


  4. I love how simple, yet nice this outfit is! I really like Pattern Mixing like this and you are great in it! Love the shes <3


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