Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Outfit: Pretending To Be An Adult

Wore this outfit to class and then to an event afterwards where five alumni read from their recently published novels and then discussed the publishing process. I wore this because I wanted to be casual but also look more "adult," which can be hard for a young woman with a stature of 4'10" and a youthful appearance.
This beanie might look a little familiar. It was in my November Wishlist post. For $5 I just couldn't resist how cute it is with its little sparkles and bow, and 100% of the proceeds go to fighting breast cancer. Win win!

Hat // Lauren Conrad for Kohls {100% proceeds go to fighting breast cancer}
Shirt // thrifted
Jeans // Forever 21 {similar}
Booties // DSW
Coat // Forever 21
Bracelet // Forever 21
Glasses // Bonlook

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love love love your look Sara! The pink baret totally finishes it off :) Hope you had a great time at the book reading! x

  2. I know this might sound unpolite and please, trust me when I say I don't mean to, but I really, really love your curves, because you can rock every shirt and jeans with it - and you look fabolous and I love the outfit and hat and just everything. Gurl I love your style.

    1. That doesn't sound mean at all! I definitely love my curves! Thanks so much!!

  3. how totally cute are you?! this is what effortless cool looks like and you pull it off brilliantly!! awesome boots and the whole kidadult vibe is ace lades. the event you went to sounds pretty rad too, i bet your mind was spinning with writing insp afterwards :) happy Tuesday! ♥

    1. Thank you!! Going to events like that definitely makes me want to write more and finsih my novel and let it out into the world!

  4. very nice backround!!! :) :) and your outfit is very nice too!!love your red hat!!!is so cute!!!! <3 <3


  5. Your hat is adorable in every sense!you look pretty but not that older!how did the reading go?kisses lovely

  6. i never feel like i look like an adult even when i try! (but the lion kind sweater i just bought sure isnt helping) people always tell me that when i am older i will be happy i look so young. love your outfit! perfect mix of casual and young adult!

  7. I love that first photo of you on the bench. Great outfit!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  8. Love those boots. I think you pulled off a mature kind of look. Sometimes it's hard for me to look my age as well.

    xo erica

  9. Your beanie is so cute! I so cannot pull off that style of hat but it looks amazing on you :) And I still loooove those booties.

    1. I didn't I could pull it off either, so you should give it a try!

  10. I like the hat!


  11. Thanks for your comment! Cute booties :)

    <3 Aimee


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