Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspired By: The Spring Season

I'm so excited that spring is finally in the air! It's sunny, warm, and breezy, and it makes me want to spend all my time outside basking in the sunshine. Suddenly running errands doesn't seem so terrible if it means I can feel a warm breeze on my skin.

This past Sunday wasn't a great day personally*, but it was still absolutely beautiful outside. Perfect temperature, sunny, a little breezy, so even though I was feeling like crap I laid out on the grass in the sunshine for a while (with my dog Princess to keep me company) in my dad's large backyard and it made everything a little bit better.

*The hearing in my right ear was off and I thought I had an ear infection, so I wasn't feeling good and was anxious about what was wrong. On Monday I went to see a doctor and it turns out my wisdom tooth had hit my Eustachian tube, which connects your mouth to your ear, so the tube was inflamed which did something weird to my hearing. I'm taking Sudafed and things are slowly getting back to normal! The body is a weird thing.

Sunny Days
Inspired By: Sunny Days
Days are so much better if they're sunny, doesn't you agree? There's something magical and happy about a sunny day and feeling the sunshine on your skin, even if you're just walking to the bank to pay your bills. In order to feel that happiness on cloudy or rainy days as well, why not dress in the sunniest color there is -- yellow! Try a striped yellow dress, floppy hat, yellow earrings, tie-dye Keds, and a crochet-covered belt. Or instead put on yellow jeans, a white tee, a sky blue cardigan, blue pointed flats, and a yellow necklace.

Flowers in Bloom
Inspired By: Flowers in Bloom
One of the great joys of spring is seeing flowers popping up everywhere -- on trees, in bushes, on your front lawn, in your windowsill, and even in cracks in the pavement. It's so nice to get a colorful bouquet of your favorite flowers to spring-ify your home. To dress a little bohemian, put on a floral headband, flowy coral top, floral-print jean shorts, floral bracelets, and colorful sandals. Or if you feel like dressing up, try a delicate floral dress, a light blue floral necklace, cute blue wedges, and a floral clutch.

Bicycle Rides
Inspired By: Bicycle Rides
One of my favorite things about spring is being able to break out my bike from the confines of my dad's basement. Nothing makes me happier than dusting off my purple bike and going on my first ride of the season. If you're bike riding on a date, then wear a white pleated shirt, bicycle print skirt, orange flats, and bicycle print scarf. Or if you're riding to do errands, put on a bicycle print shirt, distressed jeans, bicycle necklace, teal sneakers, and cute blue backpack.

Little Flying Friends
Inspired By: Little Flying Friends
Of course spring also means the re-emergence of those tiny little creatures called birds and bugs. Yes most of them are annoying and creepy (Can I get a restraining order for bees and mosquitoes please?), but lots of them are so cute and the perfect spring wardrobe inspiration. If you're happy about hearing the happy chirping of birds in the morning, then wear a nude bird-print top, navy trousers, nude heels, bird-print scarf, and blue backpack. Or if you're fond of insects, try a lady bug-print top, dark jeans, red ankle-strap flats, bee dangle earrings, and insect ring.

P.S. -- Check out my guest post from yesterday on I Believe in Story!

What's your favorite thing about spring?

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  1. Your blog is adorable and put together so well. I know what you mean about being excited to finally feel the spring weather, I love it and the outfits in this post are all perfect. I have some new items I'm definitely wanting now

    Nice blog, following you


  2. I'm kind of mesmerized by that hand picture. It's so pretty!

  3. that first photo is amazing!! i love what you chose for sunny days, light blue and yellow are really pretty together!

  4. The Flowers in Bloom set is so pretty! In love with the teal necklace.

    xo erica


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