Thursday, September 25, 2014

Inspired By: Gotham

Who else watched the first episode of Gotham? It premiered this past Monday on FOX at 8pm EST. It wasn't mind-blowingly amazing, but I did really like it. It's a prequel to Batman (who is just a kid in the show), so the story is dark and gritty and has some pretty bad ass baddies. I'm excited to see where the story goes and to get to know the characters more. 

Detective Jim Gordon
Jim Gordon
{Jim Gordon}

Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is a new detective in the city of Gotham. He's a good guy in a bad city surrounded by worse people, but he doesn't let them deter him from being who he is and wanting to change the system for the better. He comforts Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) after his parents die and promises to find the killer.

Detectives have a "uniform," so wear a navy jacket, a navy blazer, a white blouse, jeans, and black oxfords. Or instead throw on a black and white top, navy trousers, two gold bangles, and black loafers. 

Fish Mooney
Fish Mooney -- Gotham
Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) is a gang boss who likes to get her way without messing up her red-tipped hair. She friend's with Jim Gordon's new partner, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), but that doesn't mean she picks favorites. She'll kill you no matter what. 

Fish Mooney is sexy and attention-grabbing, so wear a dark metallic dress with pearl earrings, a studded black belt, and cut-out booties. Or wear a flowy halter dress, red lipstick, a red buckle belt, and ankle-strap heels. 

Selina Kyle
Selina Kyle -- Gotham
Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) is a young woman who lives on the streets. She survives by committing petty theft and by using her quick, cat-like reflexes. She may be a criminal, but she still has a good heart. She's the only one, besides Bruce, who say the murder of his parents. 

While living on the streets it's good to layer up for warmth, so put on a baseball cap, round sunglasses, black leather jacket, a gray hoodie, black jeans, and black sneakers. Or wear a black moto jacket, a gray tee, distressed gray jeans, studded black booties, and round sunglasses. 

Penguin & Riddler
Penguin & Riddler
Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) is a criminal who starts off working for Fish Mooney. He's a bit touchy about the fact that he walks in a penguin, so one mention of it and he might cut your throat. Dress like him by wearing a green-cuffed black blazer, a purple top, black jeans, and black oxfords. 

Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) works for the Gotham police department as a coroner. He 's smart and likes telling riddles, but it annoys everyone else who works with him. Go for a mismatched look by wearing a striped blazer, a white sleeveless blouse, blue plaid pants, and light green flats. 

Do you like Batman?
Did you watch the show?

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  1. It could've been (lots) better, but I'm excited to see where they take it. It has potential, but I think they need to lose the heavy-handed Batman references that smack you in the face every three seconds ><; It's trying too hard.

  2. I want to wear Selina's items all winter! I didn't watch the show, but I heard it was good.

  3. I haven't seen it, but it does look good. Hopefully I'll catch the next episode! Love the second Selina Kyle's outfit! Great for a chilly day :)


  4. Agreed! I think it will get better once we get to know the characters more.

  5. loved the outfits you have put together for seline kyle

    Keep in touch

  6. I'm excited to see this show. . .in a year haha! We don't have cable, so I'll be playing catchup on Netflix. ;) The outfits are great though! I'd be right at home with Selina, and I really like Jim Gordon's too!

  7. I'm really diggin' the Jim Gordon outfit! And I should probably check out this show as well :)

  8. I thought the premiere was pretty good! Cobblepot is my favorite character so far, but I've always liked The Penguin, so that's no surprise. That Fish Mooney outfit is spot on. I'm really digging Selina Kyle's style, and I would definitely wear all of the Edward Nygma pieces. That blazer with the green details is awesome.

  9. I've been SO excited about this show (I have it on my DVR but I can't catch up on everything that premiered this week until the weekend!) I love the Navy colors used in Detective Gordon's clothing choices! So cute <3

  10. i love that red dress!!

  11. I also watched the show I was so excited about the approach of it, And with this I mean batman being just a kid…. genious. Great outfits shall I be worried about penguin and riddler outfits being my favorites ?? ;)

  12. I'm really excited to see where they take this show!

  13. Yes, you should be very worried! ;)

  14. I hope you watched the show and liked it!! Thanks!

  15. Thanks! Even though I know Nygma is going to turn bad, I still really like his character and think he's kind of funny!

  16. Even though I have cable I sometimes do that too! Oh this show looks interesting, but I'll watch it when it's on Netflix lol! Thanks!


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